These Are The Best Web3 Games of 2023

best web3 nft games 2023 gam3 awards

These are the winners of the GAM3 Awards 2023

After experts weighed in and the community had their vote, the best Web3 games of 2023 were revealed at the GAM3 Awards on 14 December. The online award show had reveals, updates and above all 19 awards going out to some of the most hard-working development teams out there. Congratulations to all, and let’s check out the winners.

Web3 games utilize blockchain technology to give players ownership over in-game assets, but also to make gameplay immutable. Games use NFTs to give players ownership over game characters and other items, while cryptocurrencies can be used for resources and in-game money. Moreover, the golden goose in blockchain gaming is to put gameplay logic onto the blockchain.

That’s why there are different gradations of Web3 games out there, and the labels are still not very clear. You may call them Web3 games, blockchain games, NFT games, play-to-earn games, or maybe even play-and-earn or play-to-own. However, down the line these gaming projects all do the same thing: empower players by giving them a stake in the game’s economy.

Now let’s check out those winners.


🏆Best Strategy Game, 🏆Best Card Game, 🏆Game of the Year – Parallel is a trading card game, for now. But the developers are building a bigger ecosystem where different game genres tap into the universe initially introduced through the Parallel trading card game. For example, with Parallel Colony there’s a AI-powered strategy game in development. Competing in Parallel allows players to own their digital cards and earn PRIME tokens.

Big Time

🏆Best Adventure Game, 🏆Best RPG, 🏆Best Multiplayer Game – Big Time made a splash this year as the action MMORPG launched its preseason, allowing players to find NFT weapons and earn BIGTIME tokens based on their leader board rankings.


🏆 Best Graphics, 🏆Most Anticipated Game – We haven’t seen a lot yet from Shrapnel, aside from some early closed play tests and influencer gameplay footage. However, Shrapnel made such a name for itself that the hype surrounding the extraction shooter is big. The SHRAP token has been crushing it, while Operator NFTs are in high demand. Rightfully so, they won the most anticipated game award.


🏆Best Shooter Game, 🏆Best Esports Game – Another high quality first person shooter and action game in the making is Deadrop, made by the game studio of YouTube influencer Dr. Disrespect. They are making Deadrop into an extraction shooter. However, this game has a strong focus on vertical gameplay, creating entirely new gameplay dynamics in the process.

My Pet Hooligan

🏆Best Action Game – My Pet Hooligan is already available in early access through the Epic Games Store. This game combines multiplayer combat with platforming, resulting in a game that combines elements from Tony Hawk and Super Mario with Fortnite. Players can own character NFTs, and those who are active in the game’s ecosystem can already accumulate KARROTs, the upcoming token for the My Pet Hooligan universe. Also important, the My Pet Hooligan game is just the first step for the IP.

Mighty Action Heroes

🏆Best Mobile Game – This year we’ve seen many Web3 mobile games hit the market, and out of all of these Mighty Action Heroes made the biggest impact. The game offers Big Bear NFT characters, a Genesis NFT and much more. This mobile battle royale has you battling for glory against many others players. Don’t die, or die trying!


🏆Best Casual Game – Since its release in November, Pixels has dominated my social media timeline. This casual farming simulator allows players to obtain limited edition NFTs around Halloween and Christmas, while they can also earn BERRY tokens. Above all, Pixels exists on the Ronin Network, placing it in the midst of one of the most vibrant gaming communities in Web3.

NFL Rivals

🏆Best Sports Game – NFL Rivals is a licensed sports game made by Mythical Games, the company behind Blankos Block Party. In this mobile game you build your own dream team to take on opponents in the leader boards. Each player character is a collectible NFT asset which gamers can upgrade, and use in the game. Players can team up with their friends, earn in-game rewards, and simply enjoy this arcade style American football game.

Champions Ascension

🏆Best Fighting Game – In ancient times the Colosseum was a brutal stage for combat, and in Champions Ascension the concept makes a comeback. In this multiplayer fighting arena game players use their hero to battle others gamers, while being careful for environmental damage. Every Champion has special abilities, which gamers need to charge up while in battle.

Pirate Nation

🏆Best On-Chain Game – On-chain games are interesting, because this means that game logic will remain available forever. Pirate Nation has players exploring, looting and other pirate stuff in order to become the greatest captain the seven seas have ever seen. Founder’s Pirates are the most wanted NFT character in the community.


🏆Games’ Choice Award – Wildcard will have its big release in 2024, but the tactical battle game already had its first play tests with influencers this year. You can see Wildcard as a hybrid of MOBA, strategy and card game mechanics.

Star Atlas

🏆 People’s Choice – And the last award from the GAM3 Awards goes to Star Atlas, the popular space MMO that revived itself this year against all odds. Star Atlas already has some gameplay on the market, including Star Atlas Saga and a demo on the Epic Games Store. While early enthusiasts no gather resources, the real waiting is for the moment all puzzle pieces will be combined. The team at Star Atlas believes that the game’s universe will touch the lives of billions of people.

Discover all the other nominees

Of course, these games are all winners, but as development continuous and allegiances shift, the balance will change. Make sure to check out the GAM3 Awards website to see the many other nominees in each category. This will provide you a full overview of the games that are hot and happening right now.

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