Best Play-to-Earn Web3 Games of 2023

Best Play-to-Earn Web3 Games of 2023
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The best round-up of the best blockchain games for 2023

2022 has seen no shortage of ambitious play-to-earn Web3 games in the industry, with even massive AAA productions entering the market to compete. We have handpicked the best Web3 games that are poised to roll out bigger plans in 2023. Everything will be presented to you here in a nutshell. 

This page will be updated throughout the year with the most recently released games at the beginning so you can stay on top of all the excitement.

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An augmented and mixed-reality gaming experience 

What is Mist?

Mist is a blockchain-based MMORPG that boasts an open fantasy world and fantastic narratives. From character development to environment design, control to gameplay, it aims to create a new height for Web3 video gaming. For gamers seeking an ultimate sense of control, you can also play this game with a console controller. 

On 30 November, Mist launched its pre-alpha test, opening its mixed-reality gaming experience to the first MMO players worldwide. Players with Tier 3 NFTs or higher are among the first to experience the dynamic combat style and immersive open-world adventures in Mist. 

What can you own in Mist?

The MIST token is the in-game currency, facilitating trading activities within the gaming world. NFTs in Mist are more than just collectibles. Instead, they serve multiple purposes in the Mist universe.

Some NFTs are strong weapons, while others are defensive or wearable items that protect your character in various ways. There are also figures like in-game pets that follow users around or mounts that characters can ride to increase their movement speed.

How do you play Mist?

For now Mist is only available on PC.


An immersive metaverse with stunning graphics

What is Helix?

Helix is building a virtual replica of New York City where players can role-play, compete for rewards, socialize and own virtual properties. So if you like GTA, this game is for you. But it will only bring more unexpected experiences with NFT rewards, Battle Royale mode, gun battles, and more. 

On 28th November this year, Helix made its first experience available to Founder Pass holders. With its diverse gameplay and breathtaking visuals, this game could be a strong contender for next year’s best metaverse game.

What can you own in Helix?

Helix creates a dynamic economy revolving around digital items empowered by NFT technology. Users can buy, own, sell or trade them, just as they do in the real world. These items include wearables, vehicles, collectibles, land, and more.

How do you play Helix?

Helix is only available for Windows PC. 

Domi Online

An MMORPG set in an expansive medieval world

What is Domi Online?

Domi Online is an MMORPG that empowers gamers through NFTs and play-and-win mechanics. It aims to create an experience for players to enjoy the classic elements of an MMORPG, such as combat, leveling, and skill systems, while having them immersed in modern-day visuals and interface.

What can you own in Domi Online?

Users will have DOMI tokens and in-game NFTs to enhance their experience. DOMI facilitates on-chain governance, payment, staking, and rewards distribution. Apart from that, players can own houses and gear (armors, weapons, rings, boots, pants, shields, and amulets) in the form of NFTs.

How do you play Domi Online?

Domi Online can only be played on Windows PC. 


One of the most cinematic titles in Web3

What is Illuvium?

Illuvium is a decentralized RPG and collection game on The Immutable X L2 network. The story of Illuvium is set in the aftermath of a spaceship crash on an alien world. To survive, players must explore this unknown territory, capture creatures, and uncover obelisks that help them battle through the map. 

The game has started a 25-day event streak. Every day, it brings a new quest, revealing a new featured partner along with the opportunity to score tokens, NFTs, merchandise, and more.

What can you own in Illuvium?

Illuvium gives users complete ownership over their in-game assets. Every successful Illuvial capture, farmed material, or crafted item is a non-fungible token (NFT) minted and stored in your crypto wallet. 

When it comes to ecosystem currency, Illuvium has a native token called ILV to support its governance. It’s worth noting that users can earn ILV rewards through its yield farming system. 

How do you play Illuvium?

Illuvium can only be played on Windows PC.

Big Time

A mix of combat and adventures

What is Big Time?

Big Time is a free-to-play, multiplayer action RPG mixes fast-action combat into adventures. It allows players to explore ancient mysteries and futuristic civilizations. Environments and Adventure Instances in Big Time are limitless with infinite playability. So players can spend as much time as they want exploring each area, and those fields are filled with things to do.

What can you own in Big Time?

As a Web3 game, every loot picked up by players is an NFT that not only helps them fight and defeat enemies but also grants true ownership. The TIME token is the primary cryptocurrency that drives Big Time’s economy. 

Owning a Time Warden NFT or a SPACE NFT can help players generate TIME tokens every now and then.

How do you play Big Time?

Big Time has been made to play on PC, and may come to consoles at some point. 


A mobile-friendly battle game with anime-style characters

What is Treeverse?

Treeverse is a mobile-friendly MMORPG with social features and an emphasis on cooperative gameplay. Players start their journey in the city of Elderwall and engage in various exciting gameplay, including quests, explorations, forging unique items, and more. 

Treeverse Pre-Alpha is open for registration now and will last for two weeks.

What can you own in Treeverse?

Treeverse adopts a dual-token economy with ROOT and SEED. ROOT is the governance token, and SEED is the in-game utility token. On top of that are three types of NFTs to engage users with Treeverse’s ecosystem. And they are trees, land plots, and in-game characters.

How do you play Treeverse?

Treeverse is made for mobile devices, and will likely come to Android and iOS. 

My Pet Hooligan 

Once a PFP project, now a nominee for several gaming awards

Last year, My Pet Hooligan set out as an NFT collection of 8888 unique 3D characters. These NFTs have now become playable 3D avatars in a PvP and social metaverse, The Rabbit Hole. The Rabbit Hole received several nominations at the Web3 GAM3 Awards, including Best casual game, Best adventure game, Best multiplayer game, and Best graphics.

What can you own in My Pet Hooligan?

Of course, the first and most fundamental thing a player can own is the Hooligan NFT avatar. These playable characters take their owners to embark on exciting adventures.

Karrot is the ecosystem token with perks such as access to exclusive experiences, minting of future NFT drops, and more. 

How to play My Pet Hooligan?

My Pet Hooligan can be played on Windows PC.

Life Beyond

With gameplay designed by former Assassin’s Creed directors

What is Life Beyond?

Life Beyond is a socio-tech universe. In this fascinating alien world, players can live the life they have always dreamed about. You can be whoever you want to be and immerse yourself in a modern massively multiplayer role-playing game with endless social and creative possibilities.

Life Beyond has just released a new NFT, the Agent Zero Jacket, which provides staking opportunities, (IRL) advantages, allowlists for future drops and betas, and more.

What can you own in Life Beyond?

Life Beyond will empower players through various game mechanics supported by digital assets. For example, LB Token is a fungible utility token serving as the native in-game

currency and basis for game transactions. 

The game also allows users to collect a variety of NFTs, from weapons, lands, to special tools. They have different functions, but all make the player’s gaming experience more enjoyable.

How to play the game?

Life Beyond is in production for Windows PC.

We’ve got something even more hardcore for gamers!

Over the past few weeks, many new games have gone live in time for the Christmas holidays, seeking to harvest as many users as possible over the festive period. 

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