Inside Sugartown: Zynga’s Web3 Gaming Revolution

How to Play and Win_ Sugartown

Mobile gaming giant Zynga entered Web3 with its own games platform

Sugartown is more than just a buzzword for Web3 enthusiasts. It represents a breakthrough by mobile gaming maestro, Zynga, into the world of blockchain-based games. Dive into this guide to discover the nuances, adventures, and opportunities Sugartown offers.


What is Sugartown?

Introduced in August 2023, Sugartown emerged from ZW3, Zynga’s Web3 division. While Sugartown isn’t just a single title but a comprehensive Web3 gaming platform, players can look forward to multiple gaming experiences, each bearing the hallmark quality of Zynga.

The platform is still in its early stages, with the initial preview, the NGMI Alpha Event, scheduled for OG community members on 29 September. As for the wider beta release, the date is yet to be announced.

Major gaming players like Ubisoft and SEGA have ventured into blockchain gaming, signaling its growing appeal. Zynga, known for its impactful mobile and social games, has now stepped into this space with Sugartown. Initially built on the Ethereum network, the platform centers around the Ora NFTs. These tokens are key to accessing mini-games and earning in-game currency.

Zynga before and after Web3

Established in 2007, Zynga has always been a vanguard in the gaming sphere, connecting the world through riveting mobile and social games. With the advent of Web3, a new chapter began in Zynga’s story. The formation of ZW3, their dedicated Web3 studio, showcases their commitment to a future where gamers revel in on-chain ownership of their digital treasures.

With Sugartown, Zynga aims to combine the joy of gaming with blockchain’s transparent and decentralized features, heralding a fresh chapter in the gaming world.

Play and earn games in Sugartown

Sugartown offers more than just a singular experience and will offer games intertwined with rich stories. The Oras are busy setting the stage for multiple games to be unveiled soon. Yet, the buzz doesn’t stop there. Word on the streets is that Mayor Mel – Sugartown’s main character – is working on an even bigger surprise to be announced in due course.

Sugartown by Zynga
Sugartown has shared many hints of farm characters heading to Sugartown

Considering Zynga’s legacy with hit titles like “FarmVille” and “Words with Friends” before its dive into Web3, P2E enthusiasts can anticipate high-quality gaming adventures. While specifics about these games remain under wraps for now, it’s a good bet that these games will reflect the innovation and engagement that Zynga is known for.

Sugartown Oras NFT collection

Launched in September 2023, Oras is Sugartown’s inaugural NFT collection, intricately woven into the game’s storyline after a quirky coding incident brought them into the Sugartown dimension. These ERC-721 tokens serve not just as visually appealing collectibles but as keys to the game’s universe.

The collection boasts 7 distinct Oras types across 3 rarity levels. Beyond their collector appeal, owning an Ora grants access to Sugartown games, rewards, and event-driven leaderboards, enabling players to strategize, engage, and reap benefits on their terms.

Sugartown Oras NFTs
Oras reveal is also much-awaited, but holders can already stake them

The marketplace reflects the collection’s allure; within two weeks from mint, the floor price for Oras settled at 0.252 ETH ($402.78), with an impressive trading volume of 2,556 ETH (around $4.06 million). Each Ora not only immerses its holder in the Sugartown narrative but also offers the chance to stake, unlocking additional rewards and enriching the gameplay experience.

Staking Oras NFTs

Starting 27 September, Oras NFT holders are presented with the opportunity to stake their tokens. By staking, they’re not only solidifying their position within the Sugartown ecosystem but also opening doors to an array of rewards and benefits.

Upon staking, holders can accumulate Energy for every Ora staked, which becomes a valuable in-game resource (not a crypto token). The amount of Energy you gather can significantly impact your gameplay, potentially giving you a competitive edge, especially for events like the NGMI Alpha.

Get started with the NGMI Alpha Event

The curtain’s about to rise on Sugartown’s gameplay with the highly anticipated NGMI Alpha event on 29 September. This exclusive sneak peek is reserved for a select group of 400 Sugartown OG community members, specifically those sporting the LVL4 roles. These chosen few will immerse themselves in the experience through 2 October, with the added perk of earning rewards along the way.

Want a piece of the action? Use the Sugartown page on DappRadar to discover more data about Oras, and find all the links to social media associated with the project. 

Sugartown Game Roadmap
Sugartown gameplay will be tested only 2 months after the project was announced

Additionally, even if you’re not participating in events like the NGMI Alpha, staking isn’t an action to overlook. Why? Rewards. Just by staking, holders can tap into Sugartown’s future play-to-win events, where they can either climb to the top of the Sugarboard for guaranteed rewards or get a raffle entry based on their game progression, creating multiple avenues for gain.

How to earn with Sugartown?

While Sugartown is still unfurling, multiple avenues for monetization beckon:

  • Flipping NFTs: Buying and selling Oras for potential profit.
  • Playing to Earn: Engage in games to earn lucrative rewards.
  • Staking: Starting from 27 September 2023, holders can stake their Oras.
  • Event Participation: Get on the Sugarboard or progress in-game to partake in raffles.

However, bear in mind that the full gameplay wasn’t live by the time this article was published. But the horizon is luminous with possibilities.

Keep up with Web3 gaming

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