Top Mobile Crypto NFT Games in Web3

Top Mobile Crypto NFT Games in Web3
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The ultimate list of mobile-friendly Web3 games

What are the top mobile crypto games currently available in Web3? Are they different from traditional mobile games? How can users find them and start experiencing them? Are blockchain games risky? We will explain this all in today’s article. 


Introduction: What are Web3 mobile games? 

Mobile gaming is a vast market, and taking advantage of this piece of the pie can significantly boost the adoption of Web3 games. However, tech giants such as Apple and Google Play have walled gardens that hinder the mobile expansion of NFT-based games. 

Apple requiring NFT games to pay a 30% tax is just one of the many examples.

The success of Web3 mobile games is also determined by their gaming experience. But when users engage with Web3, they find that they must create a wallet, learn to trade cryptos, buy NFT, etc. For users who are spoiled by Web2 games, there are so many hurdles.

Luckily, solutions to these problems are always available. As a result, Web3 mobile games are already on the way and moving ahead to a broader market. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some outstanding Web3 mobile games, as well as those still in development but worth the anticipation.

Web3 games that are live on mobile

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity took the world by storm in 2021. The latest version not only allows players to breed their cute axies and take them into battles as usual but also incorporates a farm simulation game. Users who own lands can now sow minerals, grow plants, and build the most beautiful homeland in the game.

As a play-to-earn pioneer, Axie Infinity boasts great gameplay incentives, rewarding players for task completion, progressing, and simply enjoying the game. The native mobile version, Origin, came in May 2022, Origin, with refreshed art. 

Axie Infinity currently runs on the Ronin blockchain and therefore requires a Ronin wallet to interact with the game. In addition, players will need to have 3 axies in their wallet in order to access the download link.


Splinterlands is a multiplayer trading card game (TGC) designed to remind you of the fun of collecting Pokemon and the excitement of battle in Hearthstone. Unlike those traditional card games, cards in Splinterlands possess real-world value and grant ownership to their holders. 

This deck-building strategy TCG runs smoothly on mobile devices with beautiful graphics. Although the game rules are easy to follow, not everyone can become a master of it, which is the beauty of this game.

Platforms: iOS | Android

Undead Blocks

Undead Blocks is a multiplayer zombie survival game. It allows players to carry various weapons and slay endless waves of zombies in an immersive FPS experience.

If you are a lover of FPS and a fan of The Walking Dead, then this game is sure to get your heart pumping. The game has several innovative modes, such as Solo, Squads, SpeedRun and Massacre. 

Full controller support makes Undead Blocks pretty appealing to those seeking an ultimate sense of control. Additionally, a mobile browser version is already available, and native apps will be out in Q2 this year.

Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena is a mobile-friendly e-sport game based on Blockchain technology. Players can challenge themselves with various game modes: from classic MOBA tower rush to battle royale, coming with weekly tournaments, monthly events, and attractive rewards. 

The game encourages teamwork and also creates moments for individual players to shine. As a game packed with actions, Thetan Arena performs very well on mobile devices with smooth controls that will hit the sweet spot between excitement and enjoyment. It’s also worth mentioning that users can join the game as guest players to try out the game.

Platforms: iOS | Android

Galaxy Fight Club

Galaxy Fight Club (GFC) is the real-time mobile-first MOBA first that allows holders of different NFT collections to battle with each other in the same arena. 

Galaxy Fight Club has the ambition to be the Nintendo of Web3, but instead of building a Walled Garden platform, it believes in the interoperability of digital items/assets in a truly open ecosystem. To this end, Galaxy Fight Club endeavors to create a cross-IP game platform for the whole NFT Universe where different IPs from different collections can interact with each other in an unprecedented way.

Platforms: iOS | Android


Upland is a play-and-earn metaverse platform that sits firmly at the top of the EOS dapp leaderboard. One of the unique features of this Monopoly-like game is its in-game environment, which is based on real-world geographical locations.

Although Upland reminds us of the virtual property trading games in the Web2 world, the value and experience it brings to users are paradigm-shifting. Specifically, it features a realistic digital economy with an open marketplace driven by real ownership. Furthermore, thanks to cryptocurrency, Upland can capture value from the virtual economy and transmit it to the real world.

Platforms: iOS | Android

League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms is a free-to-play, MMO Real-time strategy game on the blockchain. As an alliance-based tactical strategy game, players can build kingdoms, raise armies, form alliances, and compete on the battlefield.

The best thing about League of Kingdoms is that players do not require prior experience or crypto knowledge to play the game. Neither do they need to own Land NFTs to farm resources. 

However, it is important to mention that digital assets on the blockchain allow players to experience the game in greater depth. For example, Drago NFTs can unlock players’ ability to earn rewards. Of course, if you just want to fill time while moving or when waiting in line, this mobile-friendly RTS is a good choice. 

Platforms: iOS | Android

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a multi-chain NFT metaverse game available on Ethereum, WAX, and BNB Smart Chain. In Alien Worlds’ simulated economy, players compete for scarce resources, including NFTs and in-game tokens. 

Alien Worlds is a strategy game filled with sci-fi elements. The goal of all players is to maximize their economic success. This is achieved through various in-game activities, such as mining,  acquiring and renting land, and voting for Planetary governance to impact reward payouts. 

Alien Worlds supports mobile browsers to play the game, so you can stop and start at any moment.  Take your time to ponder your strategy.

Web3 games in development for mobile

Next, we will introduce a few Web3 games that will soon be released on mobile phones. Although they are currently only available on PC, this does not take away from players’ enjoyment of them.

Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians is a tactic RPG set in a fantasy world. Players need to work together to create the best squad of Guardians, contribute to their Guild and develop strategies to complete the most challenging tasks in the game. 

What helps make this game particularly engaging is its teamwork dynamic. For example, In Guild of Guardians, players can take their teams of heroes through challenging dungeons to collect resources. These resources are used to create rare items and heroes which can be sold for real money. 

Needless to say, planning out actions strategically and then watching resources pile up is just satisfying.

Champions Arena

Champions Arena is a new turn-based RPG published by Gala Games. It allows players to collect over 100 different, fascinating and unique NFT Champions. Each champion is customizable and upgradeable. As you progress through the game, you will discover powerful auras and items, which you can equip your champions with to make them stronger and more unique. 

As your Champions battle your enemies, you will use various equipment, spells and skill cards to assist them. Combining these cards strategically to produce the most fantastic synergies is the key to your victory.


Sipher is a multiplayer looter shooter ARPG, set in an alien world featuring vibrant characters, and dangerous mysteries. To play the game, you will need a Sipherian, the in-game character that keeps you company when exploring Sipheria, embarking on expeditions, and conquering PvE and PvP activities.

Sipher will first go live on PC, then on mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. The team also aims to support cross-play between all platforms, with each being integrated seamlessly into the blockchain.


Dogami is a play-to-earn AR-powered mobile game where players adopt and raise 3D virtual NFT dogs. The game revolves around adopting, raising, and bonding with these virtual dogs throughout the different stages of their life cycle. Similar to Tamagotchi, but much more fun.

DOGA HOUSE is the place where users can interact with their virtual pets. Every day you have to perform the duties of a pet owner, including petting, feeding, cleaning, and more. If you want your Dogami to love you back, take good care of it.


Inspired by Pokemon Go, Chainmonsters is an MMORPG that allows you to catch, battle, trade, explore, and combine different monsters to defeat your opponents. In the game, players will embark on an epic journey on a breathtaking landscape.

The full gaming experience is set to launch in 2023, but players can download the free demo to their Stream, iOS, and Android devices to get an early look!


Skyweaver is a free-to-play trading card game that boasts deep strategic gameplay. The game has more than 500 base cards for players to unlock, with each card having different traits, spells, enchants, elements, and effects. 

Players will get to experience the dynamic of this game in various game modes and types. For example, in Ranked mode, players need to battle against other players to improve their rank. As a reward for their excellent performance, they can win Silver cards, a more special and valuable NFT.

An open beta of the game will be released in February this year. 


Cryowar is a real-time multiplayer arena game on Solana developed with Unreal Engine. The game engages players in fierce, multi-realm battles through player-versus-player mode. Every player has the chance to fight for resources and territories, defend their kingdom, and earn rewards in CWAR tokens.

The project aims to bring a multi-blockchain Sci-Fi Medieval Metaverse without boundaries and limitations where developers, investors, and players can all contribute together. Ultimately, it will leverage this collective effort to create additional layers, features, modes, and content, unleashing endless opportunities and the power of human imagination.

Blockchain games FAQ

What are blockchain games?

Blockchain games are video games that utilize blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. Based on these technologies, blockchain games can achieve a very different path to monetization from traditional games. One of the biggest differences is that players can also become the beneficiaries of the game’s economy.

In addition, blockchain games allow users to truly own the assets they accumulate in the game, as these games are not controlled by a centralized entity.

What’s the difference between blockchain, Web3, crypto, and NFT games?

Generally, blockchain, Web3, crypto, and NFT games can be used synonymously.

Are blockchain NFT games bad for nature?

With Ethereum’s upgrade to a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, the dominant smart contract-enabled blockchains in the market today are all PoS adopters.

PoS does not rely on physical machines to generate consensus. It means there is no need for huge mining farms to consume much energy.

Can crypto blockchain games make you money?

Although crypto games allow users to earn passive income, this is not guaranteed. A player’s profitability in a game depends on a number of factors, such as whether the game’s mechanics are well designed, if the player has a first mover advantage, and the volatility of the token price, to name a few.

Where to find mobile blockchain games?

DappRadar tracks over 13,000 dapps covering games, DeFi, collectibles, and more, and we strive to keep our users up to date with the latest trends in the industry. 

Our Rankings serve as a portal for users to discover the latest and most popular dapps, including blockchain mobile games. In addition, we have prepared this article to update you from time to time on what is happening in the Web3 mobile game landscape. Make sure you bookmark this page!

Are blockchain games a scam?

Blockchain games are the next generation of gaming products and experiences. Normally, blockchain games, like any game, are designed to create an enjoyable experience for the user.

But unfortunately, some ill-intentioned people are using this nascent innovation to scam users. So, be sure to do your research before trying a new game. 

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