StarSharks and the Native SSS Token

StarSharks and the Native SSS Token
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Everything you need to know about StarSharks and SSS

The StarSharks game platform on BNB Chain allows players to participate in numerous mini-games with the same NFT characters. The GameFi platform incorporates a whole ecosystem of game styles and, most importantly, enables players to rent out NFT characters through the in-house marketplace. 


With a rigidly built in-game economy, StarSharks relies on its native token SSS to serve as the currency in the gaming ecosystem. Players who own StarSharks NFTs can rent them out in return for SSS tokens and vice versa. 

One of the main goals of the StarSharks project is to allow as many players to start enjoying the web3 world and the earning opportunities of GameFi. To lower the entry barrier, the team built StarSharks’ in-house NFT marketplace. Thanks to the solid rental structure, even players who cannot purchase their own StarSharks NFT characters get to enjoy the game. 

What is StarSharks?

StarSharks is a mini-game NFT-based platform that allows players to compete against each other. They can then earn rewards for winning battles and climbing rankings. StarSharks Warriors is the primary mini-game mode that enables gamers to face other players in a PvP battle mode. With an ambitious roadmap ahead, StarSharks plans to add a rich portfolio of mini-games allowing players to participate in various competitions like Shark racing or Shark trading card battles. 

As an NFT-centric platform, all playable characters in the game are non-fungible tokens. Each character has different stats, giving them advantages in other games. The in-house StarSharks NFT marketplace is a perfect place to research all the best game characters and build a strong team. 

Importantly, StarSharks has a strong metaverse focus. The team plans to fully embrace the web3 space and launch land NFT mechanics soon. Players who own StarShark NFT land will be able to create a customized space within the ecosystem. Additionally, landowners will be able to create experiences and invite other players to visit their land plots. 

How to use the SSS Token

The SSS token is the economic and governance backbone of the StarSharks ecosystem. Aside from marketplace purchases and renting, SSS combines several more functions. Importantly, the token takes on a multi-utility task, serving partially as a play-to-earn reward token, governance token, and staking token for players.

As a GameFi platform, ranking high in the StarSharks leaderboard grants players rewards in SSS tokens. This play-to-earn structure allows players to earn while gaming for fun. It’s important to mention that the primary rewards token of the platform is SEA. However, leaderboard winners receive a percentage of the global SSS rewards pool.

SSS staking allows gamers to lock up their tokens and generate passive income by tying into play-to-earn rewards. Stacking SSS tokens can be an easy earnings booster with variable APR percentages. 

Lastly, the SSS token also allows the community to participate in the game’s governance. Taking on DAO principles, the team holds governance votes regarding essential updates and future plans for the game. Importantly, to participate in these votes, players need to stake SSS tokens. 

If you want to learn more about StarSharks and the SSS token, check out the links below. DappRadar will continue monitoring the blockchain gaming space as more exciting projects join the race. First, follow DappRadar on Twitter and join our Discord community to learn the latest news.

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