Splinterlands SPS Token Pushes Trading Activity

Game and NFT marketplace both show upwards trends

Splinterlands, a play-to-earn opportunity on the Hive blockchain, has been steadily holding the attention of new audiences in the past seven days. The game saw 33% more unique active wallets interacting with its smart contracts, bringing the total UAW to a little over 17,510. 

As more wallets communicated with the platform’s smart contracts, the number of transactions processed also jumped by more than 40%, reaching upwards of 8 million transactions in seven days. 

It wouldn’t come as much of a surprise to note that volume going through the Splinterlands platform is also rising. In the past week, the game has processed payments worth upwards of $16,000, increasing by more than 300%. 

The boost in activity on Hive also resulted in record-breaking performance for Splinterlands. The game has officially surpassed 1 million transactions per day, which is a significant milestone. Of course, it should be noted that transactions on Splinterlands include many actions. Transactions include starting a game or claiming a reward. Even so, upwards of a million transactions a day is impressive, both for the play-to-earn platform and for the Hive blockchain itself. 


In combination with increased activity on the Splinterlands platform, the Splinterlands peer-to-peer NFT marketplace is also performing well. Over the weekend, in just 24 hours, the marketplace processed transactions worth upwards of $100,000. 


Splinterlands has its home on the Hive blockchain, but the game’s ecosystem extends to other blockchains as well. Thanks to bridging technology the NFTs can be found on Ethereum, even though hardly any trading takes place there. More prominent is the activity on the Wax blockchain. 

In the past week, Splinterlands NFTs on the Wax blockchain attracted 142% more unique wallet interactions. It also boosted the number of transactions by more than 126%. As the game itself continues to attract more players, NFTs on Wax are also benefiting. Users who buy Splinterlands on Wax need to use a bridge to move them back to the Hive blockchain. After that, they can use them in the game.


What about the Splinterlands SPS token?

As Splinterlands develops, new features that come allow players to explore the power of play-to-earn further. Recently, the team announced that the platform would launch a governance token called SPS. This happened on Monday, and to some extent, explains the increased interest the platform has seen over the past seven days.

In a series of update launches, the Hive-based game also released a major revamp of the gameplay. Combined with the release of the SPS token, the platform is actively working on becoming a major force in the play-to-earn sector. Not only that, the SPS token will allow players to participate in liquidity staking pools. This will further increase profitability on the Splinterlands platform. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the development of Splinterlands and its’ play-to-earn mechanics. If you are interested in getting some SPS tokens yourself, you can easily do that through the DappRadar token swap service

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