Splinterlands Launches Brawls 2.0 and SPS Token


New features and major updates to tactics

Splinterlands will be completely revamped with new battle mechanics and the launch of the SPS governance token. The first tokens will be airdropped to NFT holders on Monday, while Brawl 2.0 can now be tested by a select group of players.

Splinterlands, a popular collectible cards game, has announced major updates to the gameplay and game mechanics. By launching a completely revamped Brawls section, Splinterlands brings in a wide array of new features for players. Additionally, the team has announced the launch of the native SPS governance token, which will further boost game mechanics and give players further opportunities for claiming rewards. 

Introducing Brawls 2.0

Brawls 2.0 has already entered test mode, with the Splinterlands team actively looking to gather player input for the update. The new Brawls section includes several major updates which all aim to make the gameplay more accessible and varied. The update brings new areas to the game. For example, Barracks is where players will be able to add powerful buffs and abilities to their team while in battle. Barracks also come with a set of 10 additional special abilities called Traits. 

At the moment Brawls 2.0 is available only through a QA version. This means that the update has not been launched officially. However, players get the chance to test it out, without impacting their actual game stats. By logging in Brawls QA, players get the same resources they have in the original game. Importantly, anything they do in QA remains there, and is not reflected in their actual accounts. 

SPS token and governance

Aside from the major game updates, Splinterlands also announced that it will launch the SPS token on Monday, July 26th. The token will arrive on Binance Smart Chain. With the launch, an SPS-BNB liquidity pool will be created on BSC-based PancakeSwap. In order to provide liquidity for the pool, Splinterlands will take funds from its DAO. On the other hand, BNB tokens will be acquired during private token sale events. 

In addition, a SWAP.HIVE:SPS diesel pool will launch on Hive Engine in order to allow players to trade SPS against HIVE as well.

As the token launches, the Splinterlands team will also introduce major changes to the website interface, introducing an SPS Management page. This new page will allow users to view and manage everything related to their SPS holdings. 

When both the token and the page are officially available, players will be able to stake SPS, and transfer SPS between accounts. Additionally, players will be able to transfer their tokens to BSC wallets through a dedicated bridge. 

SPS staking rewards are a great incentive for players to purchase the token. However, the more important feature of SPS is governance. SPS stakeholders will be able to participate in a governance voting system, which is under development. The governance system should go live in Q4 of 2021.


Splinterlands Airdrops

To celebrate the launch of SPS and the new Brawls 2.0, Splinterlands announced an extensive airdrop campaign. It is going to span over 365 days. 

Each day, a snapshot will be taken of all of the Splinterlands assets held across six different blockchain platforms (Hive, WAX, Ethereum, BSC, Steem, and Tron). Once the information is gathered, Splinterlands will determine the amount of the total pool of 400 million SPS airdrop tokens each wallet address is eligible to receive that day. 

What’s great about these airdrops is that SPS rewards will be available to claim on any of the six platforms through the SPS Management page. You can find out more about the rules and amounts of SPS dedicated to the airdrops here.

With such major improvements and announcements, Splinterlands is launching a major effort to better the platform and attract even more players. DappRadar will continue monitoring Splinterlands’ development. If you are curious to get your hands on some SPS tokens once they launch, check out our token swap service.

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