Splinterlands Attracts Upwards of 500k Users in a Week

Splinterlands Attracts Upwards of 500k Users in a Week

Activity for the game rises as Chaos Legion card packs are now available

The trading card game Splinterlands on the Hive blockchain has seen a wave of players join in the past week, while the Chaos Legion expansion launched over the weekend. The hype brought more than 520.000 user wallets to interact with Splinterlands and its services in the past week. 

Card pack launches are always a great activity booster for Splinterlands, as players get a chance to try out new characters. Additionally, the Chaos Legion pack guarantees players at least one rare card in each pack. However, to acquire these packs players need to stake SPS, which earns them voucher tokens. Each full voucher token allows users to buy one card pack for $4. 

Anticipation for the Chaos Legion card sale and excitement surrounding the SPS governance token were clear reasons for the increased user base. Over 520.000 user wallets interacted with the Splinterlands smart contracts, and these users were good for more than 23 million transactions. Every game action, SPS token claim, and purchase counts in these numbers. 


Splinterlands has experienced a revival of interest in the past couple of months. While DappRadar data shows that the game averaged between 50.000 and 100.000 unique active wallets in July, that number has increased significantly since the middle of August thanks to the launch of the SPS governance token and its staking mechanism. 

Now with the launch of the Chaos Legion card pack, even more players are flocking to the Splinterlands battlegrounds for a chance to get their hands on rare or even legendary cards.

Chaos Legion card pack distribution

Cards are the foundation of the Splinterlands gaming platform. Each playable character in the game is represented by an NFT card. Gamers can choose their splinter, which determines the subsequent power pool and structure of their team. Considering this, Splinterlands always sees a bump in activity when new card packs drop.

Players are excited to see what new characters are added to the game, explore their powers and buffs, and select favorites for battles. Interestingly, this time around, the Splinterlands devs team introduced a more complex card pack distribution model. 

Previously, players only had to own enough Splinterlands Shards, or SPS tokens, to purchase card packs. With Chaos Legion, the distribution mechanics now include a second token requirement – vouchers. The idea behind vouchers is to further stimulate staking of the SPS governance token while recognizing dedicated players who already have high stakes. 

Vouchers are distributed daily, based on the amount of SPS each player has staked. The more SPS you have staked, the more vouchers you’ll receive. Each card pack costs one voucher and $4, which can be paid in SPS, Credits, or Dark Energy Crystals (DEC).

To give everyone an equal chance at getting a Chaos Legion card pack, Splinterlands devs have increased the time in which vouchers will be distributed. Players will receive vouchers for their staked SPS until November 16th. If you still have not staked SPS on Splinterlands, but you want to get a Chaos Legion card pack, you still have plenty of time. 

Splinterlands is pushing blockchain gaming

According to the latest DappRadar BGA Gaming Report, Splintelrands is now becoming one of the main drivers of activity in the blockchain gaming sector. In Q3 alone, the sector registered more than 1.54 million daily unique active wallets on average. Interestingly, Splinterlands’ share in this pool of gamers is constantly growing. 

The Hive-based platform has seen a steep increase in users in September – 245,000 daily unique active wallets in September. This is a 3,267% increase compared to the game’s results towards the end of Q2.

DappRadar is excited to see the blockchain gaming space develop rapidly, thanks to big platforms like Splinterlands. If you want to jump on the train, check out the useful links below. Start playing Splinterlands, get yourself some SPS, or read one of our detailed guides to get a head start. 

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