What are SplinterShards, also known as SPS tokens

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An easy explanation of the Splinterlands governance token

SplinterShards, or simply SPS, is the governance token for the trading card game Splinterlands. Every gamer with a stake in the Splinterlands ecosystem gets a daily SPS reward for 365 days. 

SPS or SplinterShards is the governance token for Splinterlands, a trading card game on the Hive blockchain. Through gameplay, players can earn DEC tokens, which for example have a DEC-ETH liquidity pool on Ethereum’s leading DeFi platform Uniswap. In addition, players can bridge their NFT game cards to the Wax blockchain, to trade their NFTs on popular marketplaces. No matter where you have a stake in Splinterlands, you can claim SPS tokens.

The Splinterlands developers have created an SPS management dashboard, where users can link all their wallets from a variety of blockchains. Users can link Binance Smart Chain, Wax, Ethereum, Steem, Hive and, Tron. No matter where they have assets, all wallets count to determine the SPS airdrop rewards. The amount of SPS users can claim, depends on the weight of their assets against the total community airdrop points. 

Users who own high-level cards, virtual land for the upcoming game expansion or have loads of DEC tokens, automatically get a boost on their rewards. The bigger your stake in the SPS ecosystem, the more SPS rewards you receive on a daily basis until the summer of 2022.

It’s within the line of expectations, that SPS tokens will also be rewarded through actual gameplay. These special tournaments haven’t been announced yet, but the developers teased these options in their documentation


But what can you do with SPS? 

In the short term, SPS holders will get discounts and bonus rewards on promotions, but the plans for the governance token go much further. SPS token holders will have the ability to vote on the future direction of the game. Token holders can create development proposals, and review third-party dapp propositions for inclusion in the ecosystem. 

Splinterlands launched SPS on the Binance Smart Chain. This means that you can trade SPS on PancakeSwap or through DappRadar Swap

In addition, users can stake their SPS within the Splinterlands website. Once users unstake their assets, 25% will unlock every week. This means that unstaking will be complete after 4 weeks. taking is currently promoted through a high APY. 

Let’s explain Splinterlands

Splinterlands is a trading card game on the Hive blockchain. Players simply need to make an account to start playing. The game offers a free set of cards, allowing anybody to pick up and play. By winning battles, players can earn DEC tokens. Winning battles also means you climb the ranks, and higher ranks come with better rewards. 

Splinterlands offers regular tournaments, while players can always battle each other and climb the monthly ranks. The tactical elements of Splinterlands are hidden in the battle preparations. The game gives players a set of limitations, and within those limitations, both players need to build their deck within a time limit. When both players have selected their cards, the battle begins. The outcome of these battles is determined based on the selected cards, and can’t be influenced by the player.

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