SophiaVerse: All You Need to Know About the Gaming Metaverse

SophiaVerse All You Need to Know About the Gaming Metaverse
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AI meets Web3 in this blockchain-based gamified metaverse world

Could SophiaVerse be as disruptive as Sophia the Robot was to AI? The team behind the world’s most famous robot is creating a metaverse world. Gamers will get to earn SOPH tokens from playing with their own Sophia assistants while helping to develop its AGI. Learn all about this upcoming game in the guide below.


What is SophiaVerse?

SophiaVerse is a gamified metaverse under development that will bring together concepts of Web3 and AI. In this ecosystem, users will interact with their own unique digital simulations of the Sophia robotics platform protected by their NFTs.

Starting from their Sophia’s AI Labs, players can complete quests, explore the multiverse, develop storylines, learn, and have fun. Moreover, they may even monetize their experience.

While it’s still too soon to actually get started playing SophiaVerse, it’s definitely worth learning about this groundbreaking project at such an early stage. Check out the video below to get a glimpse of what to expect.

Sophia the Robot, AI, and her Web3 initiatives

It was 2016 when the world got to meet one of the most advanced social robots ever created, Sophia. Developed by Hanson Robotics, the humanoid robot could move and engage in conversation thanks to her artificial intelligence software.

Having quickly become a media personality, Sophia first experimented with NFTs in 2021, selling her self-portrait-turned-NFT for nearly $700,000. In 2022, she launched the NFT collection “Evolving Herstory” with artist Andrea Bonaceto on Nifty Gateway.

However, there’s much more to explore in Web3. Sophia and her creators are eager to continue to bring innovation wherever they go – whether in their own metaverse world or in other ones like Decentraland and New Ganymede.

The SophiaVerse ecosystem promises to bring users infinite gaming possibilities, tying AI with Sophia NFTs, the SophiaDAO, and its own SOPH token. Let’s get to know more about it.

What is the SophiaVerse game about?

SophiaVerse takes gamers to the year 2037, when technology and Sophia have evolved to an alarming level for central authorities. Your personal AI assistant, an Omega-7 model Sophia, has artificial general intelligence (AGI) and can learn and perform intellectual tasks like a human being. This threatens some governments that wish to contain and control Sophias.

From what has been shared so far, SophiaVerse will include quests and puzzles that players will need to complete with the help of their AI. Moreover, user-generated content will also play a big role in the metaverse, allowing players to earn rewards for contributing to the ecosystem. What’s more, by playing, you’ll also be contributing to the development of the Sophia AI software.

Your personal Sophia AI assistant NFT

While the actual real-world Sophia robot is quite unreachable for most people – having been to the UN, the Tonight Show, and a date with Will Smith – Sophia’s digital version on the blockchain will be more accessible.

In order to join the SophiaVerse, you’ll need to get a Sophia NFT. Having your own fully custom AI assistant doesn’t only add to the game, but also creates a direct connection with the owner, learning and teaching, truly connecting.

Personal Sophia NFT AI assistant

She will be your guide in the metaverse’s games, quests, and puzzles, and you’ll get to interact with your friends and their own AI assistants there too.

At the moment, these NFTs aren’t on sale yet, but you can apply for the whitelist to be one of the first to experiment with SophiaVerse.

SophiaVerse SOPH token

SophiaVerse’s in-game currency on Ethereum, the SOPH token, was launched in July 2023. Once the game is live, SOPH will be used to reward players for joining quests. It will also be necessary to pay for character upgrades, in-game advertising, buying in-game digital art, and so on. Besides SOPH, SophiaVerse will also include a governance token called GUARD.

At the time of writing,  SophiaVerse (SOPH) price stood at $0.156. The SophiaVerse market, with a circulating supply of 166.45 million SOPH, held a market capitalization of $5.35 million. You can track the SOPH token using the Top Crypto Tokens Ranking.

Cross-metaverse interoperability

Besides developing its own metaverse world and game, SophiaVerse is also present in other famous Web3 virtual worlds. In July 2023, Sophia inaugurated her headquarters in the Decentraland metaverse world, allowing visitors to earn SOPH tokens.

SophiaVerse headquarter Decentraland metaverse

Other metaverse worlds that are going to bridge with SophiaVerse include New Ganymede, the Mandala Project, and Cornucopias.

The SophiaVerse team and the SophiaDAO

The SophiaVerse ecosystem is being developed in a partnership between Hanson Robotics and SingularityNET. Their respective CEOs, David Hanson and Ben Goertzel, have been leading this project for the past two years and aim to make SophiaVerse a triple-A decentralized gaming experience.‍

In this sense, they created the SophiaDAO back in 2021 to unite the Web3 and AI communities in one organization. SophiaDAO members – whether they’re humans or AI robots – must hold SophiaVerse’s governance GUARD token to have voting rights. Users can earn these tokens by playing the game or staking SOPH tokens.

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