How to Play and Win: New Ganymede

how to play and win: New Ganymede

Maybe the first true metaverse ecosystem, where ownership and interoperability are core features

The team at Metakey have been building New Ganymede for a long time now. And it seems that we’re getting closer to a full game as new footage suggests proper gameplay is just around the corner. If you’re into incredible graphics, sci-fi storylines and true metaverse interoperability, it might be worth finding out more about New Ganymede.


New Ganymede is currently running a pre-order free giveaway where users can register for a limited-time Founders Reward. Simply go to New Ganymede, sign up and receive your free in-game item. For anyone who wants to start playing the game when it launches, now is the best time to get some free assets. Will it be a shield or a ray gun?

Check out the New Ganymede trailer

What is New Ganymede?

New Ganymede is an interoperable virtual world in the metaverse, developed by Metakey. Unlike other games and worlds that are walled gardens or silos for specific brands, New Ganymede is a catalyst for interoperability and collaboration between different virtual spaces. They don’t see the metaverse as separate entities, but rather in the interconnection of all physical, digital, and virtual spaces.

The Metakey is your access to premium rewards, while the Metakrew is your cosmetic identity. New Ganymede is the home for the platform’s brand and community, and a gravity well for new players and high-caliber partnerships to Metakey. It is a bridge to the brightest worlds in the metaverse.

The Genesis Metakey

In this non-competitive world, every world in the metaverse has its own strengths and specializations. For instance, Decentraland excels in hosting virtual events and conferences, The Sandbox over-delivers in fun and frantic exploration quests for both user-generated and legacy brands, and OnCyber offers seamless and accessible NFT showcasing. Join us in New Ganymede and explore the possibilities of interoperability in the metaverse.

How to start playing the game

  1. Get yourself a Metakey

You’ll need to buy a Metakey using NFT secondary marketplaces. There are four options, each giving different levels of rewards and access:

  • The Genesis – Supply: 500
  • The Artifact – Supply: 750
  • The Ultimate – Supply: 1,000
  • The Captain – Supply: 7,500

With your Metakey, you can access virtual events, the Metakademy, wearable airdrops and game integrations. On top of this, you get curated NFT alpha and discounts on merch.

  1. Get yourself a Metakrew avatar

You can also buy these from secondary marketplaces. They are your avatar inside New Ganymede, so choose carefully.

A Metakrewmate
  1. Visit the New Ganymede website

Go to the New Ganymede platform and register. When the game launches fully, you’ll be the first in there to play.

How to play and win New Ganymede

As a player

New Ganymede serves not only as a social hub, but also as a highly enjoyable and replayable gaming center, offering rewards and fun to players. The demo showcases the underlying mechanics, systems, and assets for this ecosystem, as well as an introduction to the first loop – a fast-paced, multiplayer PVE (player-versus-environment) ARPG.

New Ganymede screenshot

Metakey hopes that New Ganymede will attract new players as the central hub of its metaverse ecosystem. In time, the whole world should grow, evolve, and turn into a social as a well as playable platform.

In the future, players will be able to engage in loops spanning multiple genres within New Ganymede, such as PVP arenas, Battle Royale, racing, turn-based tactics, pet collection/battling, and more.

The demo and Season 0 will also include the first wave of player housing and land ownership in New Ganymede. These plots will be limited and exclusively available to Metakey holders. Further information on how to acquire one will be announced in due course.

As an earner

At the moment, trading tokens – either Metakey or Metakrew NFTs – is the best way to try and earn profits from the platform. In time, Key and Krew-holders will be able to earn seasonal rewards that will be interoperable throughout the metaverse.

Things are happening the Metakey ecosystem…

Registering for New Ganymede now, being active in the community and looking out for airdrops is another great way to get in-game assets before they hit the secondary markets and go up in value.

What makes the game innovative?

The New Ganymede Passport

The concept of Season Passes, offering rewards for investing time in games, has become a staple in the gaming industry. But inside the Metakey ecosystem, players can earn rewards for playing any game, and use those rewards in any partnered game, app, or community.

Rewards will also be offered for consuming content, completing educational courses in the Metakademy, and contributing to the community.

The New Ganymede Passport makes this all possible. It’s the world’s first interoperable season pass, which offers rewards for and from an ever-expanding list of games, apps, and communities partnered with Metakey.

The New Ganymede Passport

The New Ganymede demo launched in 2022 with a proof-of-concept Passport Season 0, which is interoperable with New Ganymede, Decentraland, the Sandbox, and other key partnerships that will be announced closer to the release.

There are reward tracks available for Metakrew-holders, which focus on cosmetics, Metakey-holders, who can earn land, utility, and edition-specific rewards, as well as a free track available for anyone interested in receiving rewards for exploring and engaging with the Metaverse.

Inter-metaverse travel

Numerous PFP projects have attempted to enhance their avatars’ interoperability by distributing additional NFTs compatible with different games or worlds through airdrops. Metakey has gone one step further than this by making one NFT usable on many platforms.

They are doing this because providing multiple versions of a metaverse avatar to holders via airdrops only splinters the value of the original NFT and undermines its future usefulness.

If someone sells their PFP after receiving these airdrops, potential buyers recognize that the asset’s worth has already been reduced. While this may be a straightforward method to maintain short-term interest, it is not ideal for the community.

New Ganymede at sunset

Instead, the entire Metakrew collection is natively bridged to Decentraland and The Sandbox, allowing holders to play as their Krewmates in these spaces without the need for additional NFTs. The utility will be baked into the original NFT, whether a Krewmate is purchased today or ten years from now.

And Metakey has said that this is just the beginning. The Metakey and Metakrew collections will be bridged to additional worlds, and other assets will be bridged to New Ganymede. Partnered PFP collections, legacy Metakey airdrops, and more will all be included.

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