Snoop Dogg Purchased ‘Some Asshole’ by XCOPY for 1300 ETH

Snoop Dogg Purchased ‘Some Asshole’ by XCOPY for 1300 ETH

This is a record-breaking $3.8 million sale for XCOPY

Snoop Dogg has grabbed the attention of NFT enthusiasts once more with a 1300 ETH purchase of XCOPY’s ‘Some Asshole’. The hip-hop superstar recently stirred the waters of the NFT community by revealing that he is, in fact, Cozomo de’ Medici, an avid NFT collector in the space. It looks like Snoop is not backing down and is now breaking records with his purchases.

XCOPY is one of the most renowned NFT artists, and some of his artworks are among the first minted on SuperRare. ‘Some Asshole’ depicts a blurry face with a flashing black and red background. Interestingly, the purchase marks Cozomo’s first acquisition through the SuperRare NFT marketplace.

‘Some Asshole’ is the first character XCOPY released as an NFT. Additionally, the hefty price tag is also influenced by the fact that this is the seventh NFT minted on SuperRare, making it a rather lucrative investment.

The London-based artist has created more than 130 NFTs exclusively for SuperRare. Additionally, his artwork is extremely popular on the secondary marketplace OpenSea. With the recent return to legacy NFTs we’re seeing, XCOPY is benefiting from increased attention. An endorsement from a superstar like Snoop Dogg will only propel XCOPY further up the charts of famous NFT artists. Not to mention that ‘Some Asshole’ switched owners for upwards of $3.8 million, which is no small feat. Thanks to SuperRare’s royalty program XCOPY receives 10% of the purchase amount.

Snoop Dogg enters the NFT space 

Cozomo de Medici started attracting the attention of Crypto Twitter from the very beginning. Since his profile was created in August this year, Cozomo, or shall we say Snoop Dogg, has been actively purchasing various NFTs. Some of them for substantial amounts of money, like this XCOPY artwork. 

At the time of writing, Snoop’s NFT portfolio is worth upwards of $18 million. Only two CryptoPunks stand out as more expensive in terms of estimated price than the recent ‘Some Asshole’ acquisition. 

Aside from the punks, Snoop is heavily invested in Art Blocks and Meebits. His wallet also stores eight more XCOPY artworks, several copies of Afterburn and Guzzler which were sold through Nifty Gateway earlier this year. 

Snoop Dogg is becoming a serious player in the NFT space. Since his reveal, you can read all about that here, Cozomo’s Twitter account has gained more than 20,000 followers. Not to mention that Snoop’s wallet is overflowing with gifts from his fans. DappRadar will continue monitoring Snoop’s adventures in NFT land. Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter and Discord to learn the latest news first.

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