Snoop Dogg’s Road to a $17 Million NFT Portfolio

Snoop Dogg’s Road to a $17 Million NFT Portfolio

Rap superstar reveals he is NFT collector Cozomo de’ Medici

It turns out that the rap world and the NFT world are more than colliding. Hip-hop superstar Snoop Dogg announced in a tweet that he is the real person behind the infamous Cozomo de’ Medici, a known NFT collector with more than $17 million worth of NFTs in their wallet. Cozomo made headlines recently in collaboration with Jason DeRulo, who purchased a CryptoPunk and effectively entered the NFT space. 

Snoop Dogg’s recent tweet has brought forward a lot of conspiracy theories and the whole NFT community is now buzzing. Is Snoop really Cozomo de’ Medici? In this article we’ll take a deep dive into Cozomo’s wallet, to try and figure out what are the most valuable assets in his portfolio. We’ll also explore some theories regarding the validity of Snoop Dogg’s claim.

What’s in the $17 million NFT portfolio?

Cozomo de’ Medici’s wallet is a treasure trove of NFTs. It currently holds 275 NFTs, spread among 44 different collections. The most abundant of them – 66 NFTs from the High Club collection. These depict various interpretations of marijuana joints. 

However, most of these High Club NFTs were gifts. Judging by the transaction history, a lot of the High Club NFTs in Cozmo’s wallet do not have a purchase price and were not minted by the address. It’s not surprising to see fans airdropping the account marijuana-themed NFTs, especially if it really belongs to Snoop Dogg. 

Things get more interesting when looking at Cozomo’s Art Blocks collection, consisting out of 23 NFTs. This entire collection has a value of $1 million, representing roughly 6% of the portfolio’s value. Unlike the High Club NFTs, these weren’t gifts from fans. The most expensive Art Blocks purchase was for $268,050 for Elevated Deconstructions #110.

According to the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker, the value of Art Blocks NFTs in the wallet has increased almost 13%, or about $131,000, in the past 24 hours. Cozomo’s favorite Art Blocks seem to be Chromie Squiggles and Fragments of an Infinite Field with 20 out of the 23 Art Blocks NFTs in the portfolio. The Infinite Fields were acquired a couple of weeks ago for an average of 5 ETH each, while the floor price is now at 16 ETH. 

Moving on, we get to the really valuable NFTs. Cozomo owns a total of 9 CryptoPunks NFTs. According to the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker, their total value sits at $13 million at the time of writing. The most expensive NFTs among these is CryptoPunk #3831 with an estimated $4.78 million. Cozomo, or should we say Snoop, bought this zombie punk for $2.07 million (850 ETH at that time). In contrast, the cheapest Punk in the Cozomo collection has a $324,156 price tag. Among the others, you can also find the Punk that Jason DeRulo allegedly purchased – CryptoPunk #1961.

Next up on the list are Meebits. Cozomo currently owns 10 Meebits NFTs valued at $2.74 million. The most expensive among these is the skull-face Meebit #6563 with an estimated value of $352,676. Interestingly, it looks like Cozomo is into Robot-type Meebits, as seven of the ten have that trait. The cheapest Meebit purchase is Pig-type #10570 which switched owners for 21 ETH, or $65,600 at the time. Interestingly, this Meebit is currently listed for sale with an almost double price tag of 50 ETH, or $157,899. Want to buy Cozomo’s Pig Meebit? You can do that directly through the DappRadar Single NFT page.

Aside from these top-shot collections, Cozomo has a variety of other NFTs. Among them, there are several Emblem.Finance Vaults and notably two NyanDogg NFTs. This is one of the most convincing clues that Snoop Dogg might really be Cozomo de’ Medici. The rapper collaborated with Nyan Cat creator Chris Torres in April this year to launch the special NyanDogg collection. Over the weekend Cozomo spent 7.5 ETH or roughly $24.000 to acquire these two NyanDogg NFTs.

When did this address start collecting?

Interestingly, Cozomo’s wallet, or the Medici Collection as the owner calls it, was only registered on OpenSea in August 2021, giving him less than 2 months in the space. According to an Etherescan check, the first transaction for this address happened on August 28th. This address sent Cozomo 6 ETH, and from then a frenzy of NFT purchases began. 

While the first ten or twenty transactions seem to be for relatively small amounts, on September 13th, Cozomo deposited 200 ETH in the wallet, and really started getting into it. At the time of writing 200 ETH is equal to $627,276. After this deposit, we can see Cozomo making 14 transactions, all of them either on OpenSea or on the Art Blocks website. Keep in mind this all happens in a matter of about 24 hours. Presumably, this was the turning point for Cozomo, who seriously aped into various NFTs, spending all of the 200 ETH deposit. 

In the next couple of days, we see several more deposits with a total value of 200 ETH once again. 

Interestingly, on September 18th, Cozomo made a rather substantial transfer of 162 ETH to this wallet, which owns the 1pepe.eth ENS address. 

One conclusion that we can draw from this transaction history is that Cozomo de’ Medici is an NFT infant, in terms of the time he spent purchasing NFTs. However, looking at the value of these purchases, Cozomo quickly rises to the status of a whale. With no more than a month and a half in the NFT space, this wallet has managed to create one of the most impressive portfolios, both in terms of collections and in terms of value. Cozomo himself dedicated some time to tell the story of starting out with NFTs in this detailed Twitter thread.

Can Snoop Dogg really be Cozomo de’ Medici?

Now that we have a better understanding of what Cozomo owns, it’s time to take a look at the possibility that this is really Snoop Dogg. Cozomo’s Twitter profile was created in August 2021, and it quickly started gaining followers. Currently, it has more than 44,000 followers.

One of the main arguments that this cannot be Snoop Dogg’s alter ego is the style and voice Cozomo uses in his tweets. However, as is the purpose of alter egos, this might be just a trick on Snoop’s part in order to keep his identity secret. Cozomo is rather elaborate and colorful with his word choice. Throwing around phrases like “the events that transpired ” and “my fame is considerable” don’t really fit Snoop’s profile. However, the Cozomo account has been speculating about the celeb status of the owner from the very beginning. For example, with tweets and polls like these ones:

Notably, after the whole Jason DeRulo story, Cozomo started gaining notoriety among the crypto community. Here lies another questionable detail that people point out might be a clue that Snoop is not actually Cozomo. When Jason DeRulo bought his Punk, you can read all about that here, Cozomo posted the following tweet depicting both of them with their Punk Heads:

Understandably, this image inspires questions, as there is no way the person to the right of Jason DeRulo can be Snoop Dogg. However, this too might have been part of the plan to hide the real Cozomo’s identity. 

There are arguments in favor of Snoop Dogg being Cozomo as well. Most convincingly, the official Snoop Dogg Twitter account posted this tweet:

Additionally, the fact that the Cozomo wallet owns two NyanDogg NFTs is also a rather strong point in favor of Snoop Dogg’s claim. Furthermore, Cozomo’s Twitter account gave ETH to followers who guessed that Snoop Dogg was behind the account. What is more, Cozomo had people searching for a Snoop Dogg Private Party Pass. The party will supposedly take place inside The Sandbox. It seems very likely that Cozomo and Snoop are working together, and possibly they are the same person. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring this story, as it develops further. Stay tuned and follow our Twitter and Discord for the latest updates. In the meantime, you can browse around Cozomo’s wallet, and our celebrity wallets page to find out more curious NFT collections. 

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