CryptoKitties Lurking in the Shadows for Another Bullrun

CryptoKitties Lurking in the Shadows for Another Bullrun

NFT trader, collector, and flipper Pranksy seems to bet on the 2017 collectibles

After many NFT collectors have been aping into various collections over the past months, the 2017 NFT collection CryptoKitties is waiting for its moment to shine. Some notorious NFT collectors, like Pranksy, are betting on a revival of the collection, either on Ethereum or whenever CryptoKitties moves over to Flow.

Pranksy is a notorious NFT collector, and most would probably call him a whale. Considering this, his investment decisions may often be interpreted as buy signals for collectors. A recent check of his wallet’s transaction history reveals that he is heavily betting on CryptoKitties at the moment. 

This activity comes alongside a $305 million round of funding for CryptoKitties creators Dapper Labs earlier this year. Currently, Pranksy owns over 2000 CryptoKitties, the most expensive of which is currently listed for 999 ETH. However, looking at his wallet’s transaction history, we see that Pranksy is actively participating in auctions, and purchasing Kitties for prices around 0.01 or 0.02 ETH. 

Judging by the regularity with which Pranksy makes purchases, it’s not farfetched to speculate that a bot makes these transactions. Going through the effort to set up a bot for CryptoKitties purchases is an indicator of significant interest. Additionally, Pranksy’s Eiffel 65 – Blue collection is currently featured on the CryptoKitties website

Pranksy and his CryptoKitties purchases

Pranksy has been a vocal supporter of the CrypotKitties project on social media. A couple of weeks ago, he tweeted about a recent purchase of two unbred Virgin Founders Kitties NFTs for 100 ETH each. 

These are among the rarest Kitties out there. Both of them are part of the Gen 0 series –  the first CryptoKitties ever created. Gen 0 are the rarest possible Kitties you can get, and they have several verticals of traits attached to them. Virgin and Founders are the two top traits in terms of scarcity. 

Pranksy’s activity as of lately indicates much more than just support for the project. According to our research, some of his most recent purchases include a high percentage of Kitties with a mint number smaller than one million. Additionally, Pranksy is paying special attention to a number of Purrstige types, including Meowfool, Meownique, Meowthulu. 

We can’t say for sure what the motivation behind these purchases is. However, the NFT community has been buzzing with renewed interest in the CryptoKitties collection. This might explain why Pranksy is heavily betting on his Gen0 and low-mint Kitties. 

Legacy NFTs Renaissance

CryptoKitties is one of the first NFT projects to launch, and it definitely holds a legacy status. In recent months we’ve seen an NFT renaissance in some sense. Legacy projects like CryptoKitties, MoonCats, and Plasma Bears have all seen a boost in activity in the past several weeks. 

Just a few weeks ago, CryptoKitties had an impressive volume spike. In 24 hours, the collection attracted upwards of $7 million in NFT sales. Considering the fact that you can buy a Kitty for as low as 0.005 ETH, this is quite the remarkable achievement. Of course, in terms of legacy, CryptoKitties holds some serious bragging rights. The collection was the first to launch ERC-721 tokens while simultaneously blocking activity on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Considering this landmark in NFT history, CryptoKitties will forever hold a spot in collector’s hearts. While it might be challenging to find a rare Kitty among the more than 2 million that are already minted, it’s worth it to have a look. Pranksy is just another example of the underlying value of Kitties NFTs. If you need some help and guidance in picking a CryptoKitties NFT, check out this DappRadar guide from earlier this year. 

As the NFT market overflows with new projects, legacy collections are experiencing a surge of revived interest. DappRadar will continue monitoring CryptoKitties and the interest of NFT whales. If you’re curious to browse around Pranksy’s wallet, check out the links below. You can also easily connect your own wallet and benefit from a wide array of features in our brand new DappRadar Portfolio Tracker.

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