RADAR Token Launch Will Take Place in December

dappradar radar token launch december

This month DappRadar will launch its utility token

As we enter the last month of the year, there’s no better time to reveal that DappRadar will launch its RADAR utility token later this month. We’re super excited to get the token into your hands, collaborate with all of you, and reward you for your contributions. 

The month of December is a time of sharing and giving. Therefore we couldn’t be more excited about launching the RADAR token this month. It’s a true milestone for everybody involved in DappRadar. This includes all developers who have added their dapps, but also the people using and contributing to the platform. 

The launch of RADAR will mark a new beginning. Developers, curators and content creators contributing to DappRadar will be rewarded with RADAR tokens. However, there will be no presale, and the initial distribution of the token will only happen through the airdrop. 

On Thursday November 25, 2021 DappRadar unveiled their plans for the RADAR token. This new token will become the glue of the entire ecosystem. In our FAQ we answer the most common questions about the RADAR token.

RADAR token launch: December 2021

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