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From when to how and why, everything you need to know about RADAR

On Thursday November 25, 2021 DappRadar unveiled their plans for a token, RADAR. This new token will become the glue of the entire ecosystem, rewarding users for their contributions and giving token holders influence on the platform. In this FAQ we will answer the most common questions about the RADAR token.

This FAQ is a work-in-progress. We will update information when needed.
Last update on December 14th, 2021.

Most common questions

Why the RADAR token?

Visitors to DappRadar have become accustomed to accurate on-chain data about their favorite dapps across the entire blockchain ecosystem. We now have 1 million people using our tools, services and rankings every month, as DappRadar tracks nearly 30 protocols and close to 10,000 dapps. This growth would not be possible without the help of our community, the developers in the ecosystem, and visitors valuing our data. With the help of this community we will grow DappRadar further, the RADAR token is the reward people can earn for their contributions. 

When did the RADAR token launch?

The RADAR token launched on December 14, 2021. You can find the token contract here.

Will there be a presale for investors? 

No, we have decided to prioritize our community instead of attracting investors. This is the reason that we didn’t do a RADAR token presale. We want to give back to the people who have been loyal to us over the past years. They have helped us grow to where we are today. We are convinced that the future of DappRadar will be very exciting.

Where to find the RADAR token?

You can trade RADAR on SushiSwap.

How to get the RADAR token?

The RADAR token will be distributed via an airdrop to the DappRadar community, rewarding existing, long-term DappRadar users & partners. The snapshot has already been taken. See if you’re eligible here on our Token Overview page.

I’m new to DappRadar, how can I get the token?

Do not despair if you are completely new to DappRadar, there will be more airdrops in the future.

On which blockchain did RADAR launch?

The RADAR token launched on Ethereum. However, we are big believers in the multi-chain paradigm, so will be targeting more protocols in the future.

I’ve been approached with an offer to buy RADAR. What should I do? 

🚨 Only buy RADAR through official sources, for example SushiSwap. On alternative decentralized exchanges, verify the token contract: 0x44709a920fCcF795fbC57BAA433cc3dd53C44DbE – Always verify this!

I want to learn more about the RADAR token. Where can I find information? 

To find out more about the RADAR token, follow our announcements on our official social media channels and blog. You can also visit https://dappradar.com/token to become part of our journey, and read up through DappRadar Docs.

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