R-Planet Land Sale Pushes Volume Past $1 Million

rplanet 1 million

Gamers discovering resources for robot wars!

In the past 7 days, the Wax-based space exploration game R-Planet has seen more than $1,08 million in volume thanks to a land sale. That’s up 756% compared with the week before. Their first land sale was responsible for the lion’s share of the volume.

R-Planet sold a total of 5,000 land plots to dedicated community members through packs. These were sold at a 50% discount. Community members could pay a small pack with 1 plot for $50, or a big pack with 3 plots for $150. The big packs had a bigger chance of revealing a rare piece of land. 

The 5,000 land plots were just the start for R-Planet. The developers will sell more land in the future. Land allows gamers to earn resources, which are required to build fighting robots to defend their colonies. 

Another set of resources can be obtained by staking NFTs and earning AETHER tokens. These can then be used to acquire an element, and players need to combine four elements to discover a resource. These resources can obviously also be combined.

DappRadar NFT Collections (April 19th 2021)

R-Planet explained

R-Planet is a space exploration game in which players need to discover elements. These elements can be combined to become other elements, and ultimately they’ll become resources. For now, the game is all about puzzling and combining elements together to discover something new.

However, in the near future, R-Planet will allow players to create robots. These can then be used in player-vs-environment battles. The story of this project is all about humanity finding a planet to live, and then having to deal with hostile enemies.

Another success on Wax

The Wax blockchain has been seen as the king of NFTs, mostly for hosting a wide range of different NFT collections. Think about Garbage Pail Kids and MLB Baseball cards, but also more niche products like personal photos of William Shatner. However, in recent months Wax has been making more noise in the gaming segment. 

Alien Worlds has been making headlines in the past few weeks. The game became the most active dapp in terms of unique user wallets, outperforming even Uniswap and PancakeSwap. This already put some spotlight on Wax. In addition, the platform has seen other games generating sales and hype, including Hodl God and Street Fighter.

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