Alien Worlds Trading Volume Up 1088% in One Week

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The main attraction for Alien Worlds right now is the ability to mine the TLM

In the past seven days, the blockchain-powered mining strategy game Alien Worlds has seen a 1088% trading volume increase, growing to more than $2.6 million. At the same time, the numbers of traders and sales increased more than 200%.

The number of traders increased 236% in the past seven days, while the sales saw a 233% increase. The $2.6 million in volume comes from 173,010 trades by 22,289 different buyers and sellers. That means that Alien Worlds is already seeing more market activity than NBA Top Shot, even though the value of those trades is obviously a lot less. 

While volume runs in the millions, the average value per trade on Alien Worlds is a little more than $15. While abundant tools, which don’t have a supply limit, can be acquired for $0.40, a simple common NFT, like the Exo Gloves, already has a starting price of $15,21. Rare NFTs will cost at least $100, while the ones with an epic rarity have a $250 price tag at minimum. There are far more valuable ones listed on the marketplace for thousands of dollars.

Alien Worlds TLM token hype

The main attraction for Alien Worlds right now is the ability to mine the TLM tokens in-game. Players need to use tools, each tool being an NFT with unique characteristics, to acquire TLM from different planets. Each planet has a local government, or a planet DAO, while players own land themselves. Read more about the TLM token here.

According to Coingecko, the TLM token price is currently over $5, even though it’s only traded on two small exchanges. Currently, there’s a major liquidity farming pool for TLM on Binance, allowing BNB token holders to acquire a share of the available TLM. The pool has more than 9 billion dollars worth of tokens locked into it. 

TLM will be available for trading on Binance starting from Tuesday, April 13th at 6 AM UTC. It’s likely that the token price will drop, as many liquidity providers from the farming pool will probably try to sell their earnings. 

150,000 unique wallets

Alien Worlds runs on the Wax blockchain and has its entire game activity and economy running on-chain. As a result, the project is dealing with lots of user transactions. According to the Alien Worlds dapp page, the game has seen 66,35 million transactions in the past 7 days for 137,910 unique active wallets. 

Switzerland-based developer Dacoco has announced on Twitter that more than 150,000 unique wallets have interacted with the application since its launch in December 2020. This would make Alien Worlds the most used blockchain game of all time. However, in DeFi we see dapps like Uniswap and PancakeSwap that have attracted a lot more users since their release. Alien Worlds recently overtook Upland as the game with the most unique active wallets.

What is Alien Worlds? 

Alien Worlds is a strategic mining game on the Wax blockchain, and it’s now also coming to the Binance Smart Chain. The game heavily relies on blockchain and DeFi foundations, embracing concepts like mining, NFTs, and decentralized governance. 

Players can use NFTs to optimize their mining strategies and increase their TLM earnings. At the same time, they can acquire virtual land, which gives them a share of the player mining activity on their land. Each land parcel is on a specific planet, and users can stake TLM on a planet to participate in governance decisions. 

So far Alien Worlds is very economical and a bit political, but there’s also more gaming coming. The developers will introduce Thunderdome, a PVP battle royale mode. In the far future, Alien Worlds should provide a 3D experience and allow players to create events on their own land. However, that’s still far off.

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