More Than DeFi: Polygon Games See Big User Growth

Polygon Games

Growth fuelled by low fees

Polygon has been enjoying a moment lately as a raft of new DeFi dapps arrives weekly on the network. Not only are these dapps attracting an audience, but they are generating considerable value for the network. But a quieter trend is emerging on Polygon as blockchain games that rely on users performing transactions at cost find a new home. One where the cost to the user is greatly reduced.

Polygon Games

In the last 30 days, Neon District, Brave Frontier Heroes, and My Crypto Saga have amassed over 3,000 active wallets. Neon District takes the lion’s share with over 2.1k unique active wallets. While BFH has attracted 740 wallets. Now, while these are not huge numbers signaling ‘mass adoption’ they are much higher than the activity we see on their Ethereum counterparts. Brave Frontier Heroes is all but dead on the Ethereum network with just 120 unique active wallets in the last 30 days. The reason these games have found success on Polygon is quite clear – gas fees. 

Polygon Games

Gas guzzlers 

Recently we reported on how Axie Infinity is enjoying one of its best periods of growth as it launched on its own custom Ronin chain where transaction costs are greatly reduced. In a game where users are continually needing to complete small but essential transactions, gas fees were a problem. Especially when gas hit highs $65 earlier this year practically rendering blockchain games dead on Ethereum. Imagine having to pay $50 to cash out $20, for example – you wouldn’t. However, it is important to note that gas fees have now normalized to around $3 per transaction, which is still high for a gaming transaction. Moreover, the imminent arrival of Ethereum 2.0 could see gas fees disappear altogether. 

Games on Polygon 

To combat gas fees Brave Frontier Heroes has transitioned recently, whilst Neon District has been running on Polygon since the start of 2021. Presumably because on Polygon the same user transactions will cost a fraction of the amount and make the games far more ‘playable’. As a result, they are seeing some success as users seemingly enjoyed playing the games, just not paying the fees. 

Brave Frontier Heroes can be considered a veteran in the blockchain game space having launched back in December 2019. The game is actually a crossover of the mobile game Brave Frontier and My Crypto Heroes and has maintained a small but dedicated following. Whilst Neon District finally launched some playable modes in early 2021. After being constantly teased throughout 2020 and suffering from several setbacks. Including its first choice launch platform Loom announcing they would be pivoting to focus on commercial projects. To only then all but disappear.

My Crypto Saga stands apart in this group as a title that has launched deliberately on Polygon. The premise of the game is quite simple. Collect cards, level up, and battle against other players in real-time. Early signs appear positive as the game has attracted over 300 active wallets in the last 30 days that generated over $22,000. As previously mentioned, not mega numbers, but certainly respectable in the blockchain gaming world right now. 

Polygon Games

Polygon keeps on giving 

The Polygon DeFi category on DappRadar has been receiving a lot of attention lately as several dapps quickly rose to prominence and continue to innovate in the sector. Arguably, one of the main driving forces behind that movement has been high gas fees on Ethereum dapps. The other was simply the sheer volume of new dapps arriving to entice users. 

Now, it appears this movement is spilling out to the games category as well. For games, it makes even more sense to offer users low-cost transactions.  In the past weeks, we’ve seen a variety of gaming projects embrace Polygon for their future products. 

For example, PlayDapp will use Polygon for its upcoming Roblox game, while Animoca will launch a new racing game this summer. In addition, the high-profile MMORPG Ember Sword also taps into Polygon, and so does the pet battle game Ethermon.

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