Playboy Rabbitars NFTs Reinventing the Brand in the Sandbox Metaverse

Playboy Rabbitars NFTs Reinventing the Brand in the Sandbox Metaverse
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As Playboy’s main venture into Web3, Rabbitars NFTs may be way more than they look like

About to celebrate its 70th anniversary, Playboy has its own digital collectibles rocking the foundations of its history. This week, Playboy Rabbitars, a PFP NFT collection, once again drew public attention to the brand, this time in the metaverse virtual world of The Sandbox.


  • Rabbitars collection saw its total volume increase by 41% over the past week, while the number of unique wallets also rose by 61%;
  • This week, the collection is celebrating its first anniversary and moving things up within the community – with the floor price at 0.09 ETH;
  • Since yesterday, collectors can also use their NFTs as avatars in The Sandbox.
  • You can track Rabbitars NFTs’ top sales and statistics using DappRadar’s NFT Overview tool

Are the bunnies back in business?

Playboy Rabbitars debuted in the NFT space in October 2021 with glory. Being backed up by one of the most famous names in the world, the bunnies even presented a threat to the industry leader Bored Ape Yacht Club.

However, the general Web3 audience has been quiet about the collection so far, even when the project is linked to a famous brand.

The partnership with the metaverse The Sandbox reignited the spark of public interest in the Rabbitars. 

During this week of celebrating the collection’s first anniversary, the numbers are more optimistic than seen in a long time.

According to DappRadar data, 61% more unique active wallets in this period have interacted with NFTs – meaning more people are likely to have bought into it.

Playboy Rabbitars NFT Stats OpenSea
Source: OpenSea

The collection’s floor price is at 0.09 ETH, around a modest $135 at the time of writing. Likewise, Rabbitars total volume stood at 2687 ETH ($4,030,177.)

The Sandbox, the metaverse virtual world leading in the number of users in 2022, is also releasing this week its own version of the Playboy Mansion – MetaMansion – for players to experience.

How come Playboy’s popular NFT collection doesn’t involve nudes?

When associating a collection of NFTs with the Playboy brand, it’s not hard to imagine their content. But where are the pinups among the bunnies?

Playboy Rabbitars NFT Collection
Source: Playboy

Even with a self-explanatory name, the Playboy brand, now without any Hefner working or profiting from the company, is seeking an audience that goes beyond “entertainment for men,” as explained in the New York Times.

Compared to other NFT collections signed by Playboy, Rabbitars speaks to a young audience and is aimed at Web3 gamers and collectibles enthusiasts. The 11,953 rabbit avatars are PFP NFTs built on Ethereum, available for purchase on OpenSea.

It also offers holders exclusive access to events on the metaverse and in real life, creating a Playboy club of its own. And that’s not all there is, the team behind Rabbitars also invested in storytelling to expand the collection’s universe – with their own mythology behind the NFTs and a hidden world called Leveretia.

As explained on the official website, Rabbitar’s underground land Leveretia was inspired by the real-world rumors that there were secret tunnels linking the original Playboy Mansion to celebrities’  houses in Los Angeles.

Be that as it may, Playboy Rabbitars are a complete modern reimagining of the Playboy we all know. But that doesn’t mean that the old concept has been erased from the brand’s history.

Playboy is beautifully merging the past and the future

The brand’s other collections have a wholly different nature from Rabbitars. They not only praise the old contents of the magazine with their characteristic sensual and more artistic nature but also have much higher floor prices.

One Satoshi Playboy NFT
Source: Nifty Gateway

Dropped on May 2021 on Nifty Gateway, Liquid Summer was Playboy’s first venture into NFTs and is still one of the best examples of Web2-into-Web3 done right.

Collectors can buy their own Playboy digital art for prices ranging from $1,300 to $12,500. The NFT above, One Satoshi, is a single edition not open for sale, having last sold at the opening auction for $250,000.

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We hope you have enjoyed learning more about Playboy Rabbitars and the brand’s exciting adventures in the metaverse.

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