The Rise of The Hares: An Attack on the Bored Apes Empire

The Rise of The Hares: An Attack on the Bored Ape Empire

NFT Spotlight: 3 collections on fire, to check out every week

Animal-themed NFT collections have proven to be among the most attention-grabbing in the sector, and Bored Apes started this trend. However, contenders are actively working to overthrow the blue-chip wonder collection. This week’s NFT Spotlight will focus on three rabbit-themed collections, each with their distinctive designs and characteristics. 

Bored Apes have become the blueprint for NFT communities. In addition, we’ve seen the success of CyberKongz as well. Now the bunnies want to take center stage, as we’ve spotted some serious hopping on the meadows of the metaverse. In this week’s NFT Spotlight we’ll take a look at Playboy Rabbitars, a tribute collection paying respects to one of the greatest brands in the history of entertainment. We’ll also deep dive into Fluff World, a collection of 3D animated rabbits that just can’t stop dancing. Last but not least, we’ll explore the Mad Rabbits Riot Club, a collection of 7500 feral hares.  

Playboy Rabbitars

Launched on October 24th, Playboy Rabbitars made a splash among the NFT community and fans of the adult entertainment industry. The collection consists of 11,953 unique, non-fungible rabbits inspired by Playboy iconography, and created by a team that has worked on the magazine for years. 

Playboy, alongside its signature bunny logo, is one of the best-recognized entertainment brands globally. Rabbitars are not the first to tap into this pool of fame. However, this is the first generative profile picture collection to use elements and styles featured in the magazines. The connection to Playboy’s history and team has significantly boosted the collection’s influence and reach. At the time of writing, Playboy Rabbitars have attracted more than 41.000 members on Discord, and upwards of 10.000 Twitter followers. That’s a big community, especially considering the fact that the collection is only about ten days old. 

Interestingly, the mint price for one Rabbitar NFT was set to 0.1953 ETH, which is a nod to the year the first Playboy magazine was released. While an excellent reference, this is a little high compared to the traditional mint prices seen in the space, which vary between 0.05 and 0.08 ETH. Despite the relatively high mint price, Playboy Rabbitars sold out almost instantly. Currently, the collection is enjoying a wave of activity on secondary markets, with the floor price for one Rabbitar NFT set at 0.23 ETH at the time of writing.

Even more interesting, the official reveal for the collection has not happened yet. This means that for the moment, collectors are simply leaning into the hype and speculatively buying hidden NFTs. However, this also proves the weight a big brand like Playboy can have on a collection. According to the official Discord channel, the reveal will happen on November 7th. This means you still have a chance to grab a rare Rabbitar without even knowing it. Chances are, after the reveal, rarer Rabbitars will have a significantly bigger price tag than the current floor of 0.23 ETH. 

While Rabbitars benefit from the connection to Playboy, the team behind the project has also worked on creating an immersive collection full of utility for its holders. According to the official roadmap, Rabbitars holders will be able to enjoy multiple online and real-life events. Additionally, holders will gain access to a private Playboy club and community. The team is also actively working on The Journey Ahead, Part II: Welcome to the MetaMansion. This project will offer Rabbitar holders the opportunity to participate in metaverse adventures with their bunnies. 

Fluff World

Fluff World is a collection of 10.000 unique 3D animated rabbits vibing to different tunes. The artwork on this collection is impressive as rabbits were generated from more than 270 attributes across 14 categories to be entirely unique. Additionally, each NFT is a 3D visualization with music attached to it, making Fluff World one of the more immersive collections out there. 

The collection launched in August. However, the community behind Fluff World remains active and strong. One of the main reasons for that is the extremely ambitious set of features and experiences the team has created. NFT collectors who minted a Fluff World bunny had the right to name their character and receive a nametag for it. Additionally, collectors who minted a Fluff World NFT got to create the backstory of their new rabbit. 

Aside from mint exclusive rights, Fluff World aims to create an immersive environment where rabbit holders get to enjoy good music and art together. The official Discord channel, which boasts close to 10.000 members, has numerous lounges with different music and art discussions. 

What’s more, Fluff World recently released a subsequent collection of spider-themed Thingies. This follow-up collection attracted waves of attention to the Fluff World universe. A distinctive characteristic of these spider-themed 3D NFTs is that their fur patterns are generated by AI, based on thousands of pieces of abstract art. 

Currently, Fluff World bunnies boast a relatively diverse community, with more than 3400 owners. The floor price for a Fluff World rabbit NFT sits at 0.89 ETH. This is a solid increase from the initial mint price of 0.09 ETH. With the release of the Thingies collection, Fluff World bunnies have enjoyed a rise in activity, with several sales reaching 2 and 3 ETH in the past 24 hours. 

If you want to learn more about this immersive 3D rabbit collection, or you want to hear the beats accompanying the bunnies, browse through the links below. Fluff World NFTs are among the best looking in the space. You can easily view them with DappRadar Portfolio Tracker. Check out this fan wallet, for example, some cool-looking bunnies and a variety of nice tunes to listen to. Notably, this wallet owner is also a fan of Rabbitars and ASM AIFA, which we featured in last week’s NFT Spotlight

Mad Rabbits Riot Club

Last but not least, we have Mad Rabbits Riot Club, a collection of only 7,500 programmatically generated rabbit NFTs. The Mad Rabbits dropped on October 12th and sold out in 11 minutes. Currently, Mad Rabbits Riot Club NFTs are only available on secondary marketplaces, and the floor price at the time of writing is 0.078 ETH.

Over 6000 Discord members have joined the MRRC channel, and the collection’s Twitter following is slightly bigger at 6333 followers. The MRRC Discord is a great place to hang out. Members create stories for their NFT characters that transport them to a completely different world. What is more, that’s the best place to learn more about upcoming events and plans from the MRRC team. One such event was the launch of the Mad Rabbits Horror Show collection. 

The team behind MRRC decided to create a subsequent Halloween-themed collection for holders of the original NFTs. The horror show collection was a hit, and the community went crazy for these scary-looking hares. Eligibility requirements for getting a Horror Show rabbit were strict. Only holders who had verified and earned a Burrow Pass had the chance to mint a Halloween rabbit. This is a standard community-building technique in the NFT space, ensuring that holders remain active and engaged. 

Aside from subsequent airdrops like the Halloween one, the MRRC team initiated a special collaboration effort with prominent artists in the NFT space. Seeking out the talents of 11 artists who’ve made huge splashes across a plethora of NFT genres, MRRC started work on numerous unique pieces. The goal – showcasing these artists unique styles through the lens of the Mad Rabbit universe.

With more than 2600 owners, the MRRC collection has a seriously vibrant community. This collector, for example, is obviously a bunny fan with 3 MRRC NFTs and 12 RareBunniClub NFTs. Other MRRC community members, like this wallet, are leaning more towards Pixel Foxes and CreatureToadz.

To learn more about Mad Rabbits Riot Club and to explore some beautiful portfolios, check out the links below. It’s also not too late to get your hands on a Mad Rabbit. Keep in mind future airdrops will happen, and you will be able to benefit from them. 

Bunnies Vs. Bored Apes – can they make it?

Bored Apes remain the blueprint to which all other profile picture and avatar-style NFT collections are looking up to. However, as the NFT space becomes increasingly more diverse, new trends and patterns emerge. While Bored Apes will forever remain in the NFT history books, new projects are actively trying to overtake their spot at the top.

This week we focused on several rabbit-themed contenders, who are steady on their way to creating vibrant communities. However, the animal kingdom does not limit itself to Bored Apes and Mad Rabbits. Stay tuned for next week’s NFT Spotlight. Find out more about the latest trends in the NFT space, and to discover new contenders for the Bored Apes throne.

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