Play-to-earn Game Splinterlands Broke 100,000 Daily Active Users

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More than 1.2 million transactions were processed in 24 hours

Splinterlands, the Hive-based collectible trading card game, attracted upwards of 100,000 daily active users in the past 24 hours. This is a huge milestone for the game, solidifying its position as the number one dapp on Hive. Splinterlands has benefited from a steady increase in unique active users over the past thirty days, culminating in a record-breaking last 24 hours. 

As continued interest in the game grows, Splinterlands smart contracts are also heating up, processing upwards of 1.2 million transactions in a single day. These transactions include all kinds of actions, ranging from battles to claiming rewards and listing NFTs on the marketplace.

Activity on the platform skyrocketed towards the middle of July this year. This happened when the official native token SPS was announced. Splinterlands airdrops the token on a daily basis for 365 days, and the first drop happened on July 26th. Since then Splinterlands has enjoyed a steady influx of new users. 

The SPS token brought forward major improvements to the platform, allowing stakeholders to participate in the game’s governance. Additionally, having a native game token will allow Splinterlands to introduce further play-to-earn mechanics and boost the GameFi factor for the platform. 

Splinterlands Beta Booster Pack tournament

The recent Beta Booster Pack Diamond Tournament is another contributing factor to the solid user retention Splinterlands is witnessing. This special Diamond League event was live-streamed across several channels. Considering the reach, Splinterlands saw a substantial boost of engagement. 

To further the extent of this effect, Splinterlands also announced an additional Twitter challenge. The team behind the game gave away an extra Beta Booster Pack to one person from its Twitter community, as more than 500 new followers registered during the tournament. 


The top five performers in the competition all received Beta packs, including character NFTs and other booster elements that can help players advance in the game. The total prize pool was worth over $1,500.

What does the future hold?

Splinterlands has seen a significant increase in attention from the crypto and gaming communities in the past couple of months. Surpassing 100,000 active players in a single day is a notable achievement, leading us to believe that the game will continue on its road to success. 

Right now the game is scaling up its platform while developing new features including land gameplay. Landowners will soon be able to gather resources, which players will need to craft battle-boosting potions. This will add another tactical layer to the trading card game.

DappRadar will continue monitoring Splinterlands’ development in the future. If you’re curious to find out more about the platform, check out the links below. Check out Splinterlands here.

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