Play Crazy Defense Heroes, Help Victims Typhoon Odette

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Earn TOWER, and contribute to a community donation to help victims in The Philippines

Animoca Brands invites gamers to play Crazy Defense Heroes and in return the company will donate to help those affected by the Typhoon Odette in The Philippines. The game company will donate 1 TOWER token per unique user per day, which would translate to over 1,2 million TOWER tokens according to DappRadar data.

Crazy Defense Heroes currently attracts more than 30,000 unique active wallets per day. That would translate into 30,000 TOWER tokens per day from December 21st until January 31st, 2022. That means Animoca would donate 1,260,000 TOWER tokens or $82,000, based on current numbers. When more players join, they gaming company will obviously donate more.

On December 18th, Super Typhoon Odette destroyed big parts of various cities in The Philippines. Storms, landslides and floods left people homeless, without electricity and caused a lack of food. Gamers playing Crazy Defense Heroes can now not only earn 800 TOWER for themselves in January 2022, but also contribute to help people in need.

How can you join

Crazy Defense Heroes is a mobile tower defense game, and gamers can claim daily TOWER rewards through the official website. That’s where DappRadar registers the interaction with the blockchain, as players interact with a smart contract to claim their daily TOWER rewards on the Polygon blockchain.

Animoca Brands has announced to extend their Daily Star Chest event, which is how gamers can earn the daily TOWER rewards. By playing the game, earning 16 stars and then opening a star chest, players can redeem their rewards on the official website every day. All they need to do, is connect their game to their blockchain wallet. Learn more about the play-to-earn mechanics of Crazy Defense Heroes by following our guide.

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