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How to play Crazy Defense Heroes and earn TOWER tokens

DappRadar wants to help gamers and dapp enthusiasts to make the most out of their time online, so why not use this guide to try Crazy Defense Heroes and earn some TOWER tokens. Our Play-to-Earn Guide are the definitive step towards true independence for gamers.

Crazy Defense Heroes is a free-to-play mobile game by Animoca Brands. However, this company has become the leading force in the play-to-earn and blockchain gaming space. They have a unicorn status with a valuation well over $1 billion. This game is one of their first efforts to transition an existing free-to-play mobile game into a play-to-earn game.

Crazy Defense Heroes overview

Crazy Defense Heroes (CDH) is a blockchain-based game that was developed and published by Animoca Brands. The game is the bigger and expanded version of the Crazy Kings, which was launched on iOS in 2017. It later became available on Google Play in January 2018. The game features more sophisticated card upgrade systems than the former Crazy Kings. It also has more resource collection capability, more items of all kinds, new heroes, buildings, as well as spells. 

Crazy Defense Heroes offers more than 500 levels of frenetic gameplay. The game has been a commercial success on both Android and iOS, and has garnered more than 20 million downloads. However, with its transition towards a play-to-earn game, Crazy Defense Heroes has started its second life.

Introducing play-to-earn

The company behind Crazy Defense Heroes, Animoca Brands, now allows the game players to link their Crazy Defense Heroes account to their crypto wallet. This allows the gamers to be able to claim their TOWER rewards for playing CDH. To link your account, you will need to log in to your browser and then link your account. This will be done through a Web 3 wallet like Metamask. As a player, if you earn enough experience points during a month, you will be among those to share in a prize pool of TOWER tokens. In June alone, the prize pool was worth $17,000 in TOWER tokens. 

The ability of the game creators to allow gamers to link their game account to an Ethereum wallet means you can play and earn crypto tokens. Players who fail to link their accounts will forfeit their right to claim the rewards. The forfeited TOWER tokens will be distributed among eligible players that were able to complete the linking process.

How to earn TOWER tokens

  • Crazy Defense Heroes pays out on a monthly basis by setting goals for its players. In August players need to get 250,000 XP.
  • The game tracks the player’s amount of XP. So if you start with a fresh account, you will need to reach and earn a total of 250,000 experience points. However, when you start at 500,000 XP, you will need to reach 750,000 XP in total.
  • By the end of the month Animoca Brands will determine who’s eligible for the TOWER airdrop.
  • A certain amount of TOWER tokens get distributed among all eligible players, but only if you’ve linked your Crazy Defense Heroes account to your Ethereum crypto wallet.
  • In August Animoca Brands pledged to distribute 750,000 TOWER tokens among all eligible gamers. That’s a total prize pool of more than $54,000.

How To Link Your Account 

  • First, you have to download and create a MetaMask wallet. If you already have one, then there is no need to download a new one. 
  • Go to the crazydefenseheroes website and click on “connect.”
  • Login to your CDH account (must be the exact account you used during the play-to-earn activities.)
  • Then link your Metamask wallet to your Crazy Defense Heroes ID on the website.

When you have linked your accounts, and managed to increase your experience level with 250,000 points. Then you will be eligible for the TOWER airdrop. Good luck!

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