Phantom Galaxies Opens Closed Alpha for Half a Million Gamers

phantom galaxies closed alpha test
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Everybody who registered received an NFT giving them access

Blowfish Studios and Animoca Brands have opened up the closed alpha test of Phantom Galaxies for everybody holding the ‘The Halberd-001’ NFT. Only gamers with this NFT in their wallet get an activation code to enter this early version of this space action mecha game. 

For a couple of months Phantom Galaxies had opened their website, allowing anybody to register for a free NFT. They distributed 562,776 copies of the Halberd-001 NFT, which are now in 555,860 different wallets. This means that Phantom Galaxies can expect over half a million gamers jumping into one of their mechas. 

One of the limitations of the mecha game, is that the closed alpha of Phantom Galaxies only works on Windows PC. With the suggested system requirements asking for an Intel i5, 16GB RAM, a Nvidia GTX 980Ti or better and 25GB of hard disk space, it’s likely that not everybody can meet those demands. Those interested in getting in on the closed alpha, can find the NFT on OpenSea. The floor price is currently 0.0025 ETH or a little more than $10. Download the closed alpha version here.

With many countries implementing new COVID restrictions, spending time playing video games at home seems a reasonable option for many. From that perspective the Phantom Galaxies closed alpha test comes at a great moment. The project isn’t alone, because The Sandbox recently finished its closed alpha test and announced a second season. Farsite now has pre-alpha gameplay live, Chainmonsters launched its closed beta earlier this month and Mirandus has a play test happening for those holding an Exemplar NFT.

Blockchain gaming drives adoption

According to the Dapp Industry Report 2021 49% of all active wallets in the entire blockchain ecosystem have interacted with one or more games. Since the summer gaming and GameFi have become the most popular use-cases, and that’s a trend that’s not about to stop. During 2021 investment funds pumped over $4 billion in various games and infrastructure solutions.

Mainstream brands and gaming companies have made their first steps in the NFT and play-to-earn space. For example, Ubisoft integrated NFTs in their premier online shooter Ghost Recon Breakpoint, while Electronic Arts expressed the desire to integrate play-to-earn mechanics in their future game titles as well. At the same time brands like Nike, Adidas, Atari, Care Bears, The Walking Dead, and countless others have dipped their toes into the metaverse.

Last week Gala Games announced various new games as well. The career management game Legacy is under development by Peter Molyneux and his 22cans studio. While Will Wright works on a metaverse project called Vox World.   

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