DappRadar Announces Dapp Store Launch And Plans For RADAR Token

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The native token ensures the potential for greater governance within the DappRadar ecosystem

November 26, 2021, Kaunas, LithuaniaDappRadar, the leading platform for decentralized application discovery and analysis, revealed at an event in Somnium Space yesterday that it is repositioning to a full-scale dapp store. The company also announced plans to introduce its native RADAR token, which will help the business decentralize in the future. 

DappRadar, now The World’s Dapp Store, has grown immensely since its launch in 2018 and, focusing on the vision of a community-led ecosystem, counts today 4 million unique users annually, over 8,300 dapps across 27 protocols, and its own portfolio management suite. With this, the platform offers a comprehensive user experience to dapp users, allowing them to seamlessly explore and track applications and assets, and react to market movements via token swap and NFT trading capabilities. 

By introducing its native token, RADAR, the dapp store aims to become a community-curated project, with an ecosystem that is self-sufficient within the greater infrastructure of Web3 and the future of decentralization. 

The native token ensures the potential for greater governance within the DappRadar ecosystem, to be based on transparency, publicly available statistics, and metrics, and making multi-chain dapp discovery easy, data-led, and focused on actionable insight, whilst allowing the dapp store to scale. Holders of RADAR will be rewarded for their contribution and involvement within the DappRadar ecosystem, with further details to be released shortly via its official channels.

DappRadar was born with the objective of offering accessible information and tools for those who believe in blockchain and in a decentralized world. In an environment that grows exponentially every day, discovering new dapps and filtering which ones can be useful might be confusing and risky for users, especially when this involves trading and investing. With its accurate data analysis, DappRadar facilitates users managing their portfolios and helps them to track dapps in terms of transaction activity, token volume, and active users, giving them the information to find the most valuable dapps. 

Following the launch of RADAR, users will be able to take part in decision processes, making them the core of the DappRadar platform.

“We built DappRadar around decentralized apps,” remarks Skirmantas Januškas, co-founder and CEO of DappRadar. “Decentralization stands at the very core of our success and it’s only right to take it to the next level — true decentralization of DappRadar. Bringing the community closer is the only way to keep ahead of the curve and remain successful in the years to come.”

About DappRadar 

As The World’s Dapp Store, DappRadar enables users to track, analyze, and discover over 8,000 decentralized applications across 20+ blockchains, including Ethereum, EOS, and ONT, with plans to expand to others. The platform was founded in 2018 and has served the ecosystem as it found its fit into the world through the evolution of DeFi, NFTs, and GameFi. 

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