OpenSea to Host Sale of Big Time VIP Passes

Sale of Big Time early access collection to be hosted on Polygon Chain and will take place on March 7th

OpenSea is set to host the sale of Big Time’s early access launch collection. Winners will get the opportunity to enter the game ahead of the pack and start collecting in-game assets before everyone else.  

Big Time is an open world action RPG that’s been generating some buzz for some time. Players travel through time and space, doing battle with an unknown menace intent on destroying the space-time continuum. DappRadar included the game in its Best NFT & Play-To-Earn Games roundup for 2022.

For the upcoming sale on March 7th, players will get the chance to buy from the following list of passes:

  • Gold Passes, priced at $2,500 each. There are 290 of these remaining.
  • Silver Passes, priced at $670 each. There are 770 of these remaining.
  • Jade Passes, priced at $320 each. There are 2,200 of these remaining.

The special passes give players guaranteed early access to the game. Gold passes offer the earliest access, followed by Silver and then Jade. 

Pass holders will have the opportunity to enter the game before everyone else and start hunting in-game NFTs, which will consist of limited edition cosmetic and decorative items. So for anyone who wants unique and potentially valuable assets, an early access pass appears to be a sure-fire way of getting them.

The sale will be hosted live at on March 7th, at 10am EST.

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