Best NFT & Play-to-Earn Games for 2022 – from A to F

50 games 2022 - AF

What are the blockchain games to watch in 2022. Part 1 out of 3, ranging from A to F.

What are the 50 most anticipated NFT and play-to-earn games for 2022? In the past years we’ve seen many announcements and investments, and it’s in the line of expectations that 2022 will bring the first fruits of all that hard work. On this page we look at games, ranging from Aavegotchi to Footium.

For this list we look at projects that have set, or are expected to set, high standards for their gameplay. A good play-to-earn game should be fun to play, aside from its potential financial benefits. These are the 50 most anticipated NFT and play-to-earn games for 2022 you need to keep your eyes on, ranging from A to F.

50 games 2022 - AF

Since the project’s migration from Ethereum to Polygon in early 2021, Aavegotchi has been developing itself into an excellent GameFi product, but the introduction of the virtual world of the Gotchiverse will shake those foundations. Suddenly gotchi owners can venture into the pixelated worlds, do quests, own land, defend their realm and much more. In 2022 Aavegotchi will become a true play-to-earn title. – Dapp page

Being one of the earliest projects on a blockchain rising in popularity can have its benefits. Aurory sets itself apart with its gorgeous designs, a popular NFT collection for game characters and a successful tokens launch in 2021. This JRPG will introduce players to a magical world full of adventure and PVP opportunities. The native AURY token is at the center of all play-to-earn mechanics in this game. – Dapp page

Without a doubt Axie Infinity has been one of the pillars of the play-to-earn revolution, but we were in doubt whether we would need to add Axie to the 50 most anticipated NFT and play-to-earn games for 2022. The game has been publicly available for some time now. However, the promise of land gameplay is an exciting one. This will introduce new economics, new game modes, new opportunities, and that’s reasons enough to get very excited. – Dapp page 

In the open world action role playing game Big Time you need to travel through time and space to battle a mysterious threat that can destroy the space-time continuum. Players will have their own time machine, potentially a Space NFT that unlocks play-to-earn functionalities, to travel around, build weapons and access the marketplace. Players will use different character classes, each with their own skills and abilities. During adventures they earn loot, which they can sell. After that they can use their profits to fill up their ability to play and earn. – Official website 

Running on their own custom EOSIO blockchain, Blankos Block Party combines user generated content with party gameplay and NFT-powered customized game characters. Weekly challenges allow players to earn in-game credits, which they can use to purchase NFTs. These NFTs can then be sold on the Blankos Marketplace for cold hard cash. Blankos combines fun gameplay with brands and fashion, all through blockchain technology. 2022 will be a big year for Blankos. – Official website

Even though Chainmonsters doesn’t offer a play-to-earn with a native token, this Pokémon-inspired MMORPG introduces seasonal content, wearables, exclusive items and so on. At the moment Chainmonsters is still in closed beta, but the game will launch into open beta in early 2022. Expect more seasonal content as the game opens up to a wider community, all powered by the Flow blockchain. – Dapp page

It’s still very early for Chumbi Valley, a fantasy role playing game that combines elements of monster-catching games with the farming adventure gameplay. Players need to cultivate their land, nurture their Chumbi creatures, and go on adventure through randomly generated terrain. Every player gets one free Chumbi, but the NFT versions provide more play-to-earn functionalities and boosts. – Official website

Seemingly inspired by classic strategy games, CityStates Medieval combines empire building with massively multiplayer online gaming elements. Players need to grow their city by gathering resources, crafting items, trading and conquering. Gamers could decide to focus on one business, in order to make their town part of a metropolis. There’s a strong PVP element to this game as well. – Dapp page

The online virtual universe of Cradles: Origin of Species strong taps into a completely new mechanic: Decaying worlds. Each world, which is basically a server, can decay over time if players don’t take good care of it. Gamers can make their own worlds with their own set of rules, but only with governance there will be order. Without it, the world falls into chaos and it will decay. This concept requires a completely new NFT, ERC-3664. – Official website

Powered by the Solana blockchain is the competitive arena brawler Cryowar. At the core of the play-to-earn economy you will find the CWAR token. Having a big CWAR bag will benefit you, as it increases the chance to find better rewards. But victory is never guaranteed. Battles in CryoWar take a few minutes, and the game lets players use both their PC and mobile devices. Various heroes offer different gameplay styles, offering something for everyone. – Official website

After building and releasing various series of NFT cars for the metaverse, the team at CryptoMotors is now getting ready to release their own play-to-earn racing game. This unnamed racing game will allow gamers to compete, using their premium NFT cars in action-packed street races. – Dapp page

In the distant future, humanity is no longer in charge. Cyborg cops dominate the streets, as a human led resistance battles for survival. Powered by the Solana blockchain, Decimated will become a play-to-earn survival game. Gamers compete for resources and territory, while the cops enforce totalitarian authority even while humans have been pushed into the wastelands. Players can trade, craft, fortify, collect bounties, ambush others, and so on. – Official website 

With the closed alpha happening right now, Doctor Who: Worlds Apart will see its full launch later in 2022. The trading card game has already attracted quite an audience, and it uses a custom Ethereum sidechain in an effort to offer free and fast trading options to their players. Fans of the TV series will find all kinds of items, characters and locations. – Official website

For Dungeon Universe it’s still very early days, but the alpha play test is already taking place. In this play-to-earn MMORPG players need to battle monsters all the time, as the world of Arania has been overrun. Players can quest and battle monsters, choose to craft weapons and armor, or perhaps find the resources for potions. Like any MMORPG there will be raids, PVP, dungeons and so on. Dungeons Universe taps into the Enjin ecosystem. – Official website

Another MMORPG in the making is Ember Sword. The action MMORPG runs on Immutable X and lets players own a share of the land. The pre-alpha version of Ember Sword will launch in Q1 2022, followed by the alpha version in Q2 2022. In this MMO players don’t need to pick a class, as they develop their own hero from scratch. The game offers crafting, trading, battling, raiding, and so on. – Dapp page

Everybody who has been following the gaming scene in the past decade, has heard about Dark Souls. The Fabled can be best described as the Dark Souls of the blockchain space. This action RPG has atmosphere. Players need to choose a world, and fight through a series of challenging levels. They can acquire items, trade weapons, craft ingredients and use all this in battle. Players can earn in-game tokens through gameplay, and there’s a lot more to come. – Official website

From the creators of MegaCryptoPolis comes a space game where you will create your own destiny. This is Farsite, a game set in space, where resources are scarce and players need to trade, mine, negotiate and battle for power and opportunities. Players can take on all kinds of roles to become part of the bigger, intergalactic economy. Every item in the game has been made by players, and therefore represents a certain value. Players can move goods between space stations, or mine resources from faraway planets. Farsite offers a place for governance over the stars, mercenaries, pirates, but also politicians and of course traders. – Dapp page

With Footium the blockchain space welcomes a fantasy football management game. Every club in this game is an NFT, and soon every player will be an NFT as well. Together with the Footium community and through various beta tests, gameplay features will be tested. Early 2022 the team will launch a beta test, which will gradually allow more club owners to give the game a try. Ultimately Footium needs to become a football management game with virtual superstars that players can discover, train and guide to glory. – Official website

50 games 2022 - AF

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