NiftyVille Property NFT Sale in Collaboration with Binance and Galler

Virtual property auctions for the virtual game world on Binance and Galler on March 20th

NiftyVille will launch its next property NFT sale in collaboration with the Binance and Galler NFT marketplaces on March 20. Represented in NFTs, the properties are among the most sought-after in-game assets in the NiftyVille ecosystem. Specifically, owning a property generates income and rewards owners NFTs. 

NiftyVille, one of the most anticipated play-to-earn games in 2022, has joined forces with Binance NFT and Galler to co-launch its in-game property sale. They will auction 16 properties from both tier 1 and tier 2 through the Binance NFT marketplace and the Galler marketplace. The auctions will begin on March 20 at 5 PM UTC.

NiftyVille is an open-world, player-owned virtual gaming world, built with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and fueled by Onessus’ VOID tokens. All virtual assets that will make you influential in NiftyVille’s world will be represented by NFTs, whether it’s characters, vehicles, or property. 

It is worth mentioning that NiftyVille‘s world will be unveiled soon. They will launch the pre-alpha test in the second quarter this year. The team has been ramping up its efforts to ensure a smooth launch. Notably, the project has already achieved several milestones. For example, the in-game luxury goods, 999 exotic cars, sold out quickly after the public mint in January. Additionally, the team is working in full swing to secure an extensive alliance network for the project.

What you should know about NiftyVille’s NFT property sale

NiftyVille is an open-world game filled with endless possibilities. Players can explore this virtual world, visit shops, hang out with friends, organize events, etc. But nothing will happen if there are no virtual brick-and-mortars. Therefore property is the king in the world of NiftyVille. 

In NiftyVille, six tiers of properties will be available for players to own, and they vary in value:

  • Tier 1: trailer homes, motel rooms, and properties may need repair.
  • Tier 2: residential properties include homes and apartments.
  • Tier 3 & 4: buildings that can host many businesses and services. Owners of these properties are eligible for surprise NFT airdrops.
  • Tier 5: 12 mayor properties that can receive higher yields than businesses and more chances for rarer NFTs.
  • Tier 6: the highest tier for the properties, one-of-a-kind mansions.

About the co-launch

NiftyVille will auction 16 residential properties from tiers 1 and 2. The auction will be on Binance NFT and Galler, with eight properties on each platform. It will start midday Eastern time (5 PM UTC) on March 20, and the auction will last 24 hours. 

Non-US citizens can participate in the auction on Binance NFT, and Galler’s auction is available to users from all over the world. Please note that ​​the NFT drops will be on the Ethereum network, so you can bid only with ETH.

This time, the properties auctioned will be located on Binance Drive, a newly-named street in the NiftyVille dedicated to the co-launch. It is crystal clear that the industry giant, Binance, feels confident and willing to commit to the project.

A metaverse journey with NiftyVille and Onessus

Onessus commits to creating a new paradigm in the gaming industry, enabling gamers to own their in-game assets. Furthermore, it endeavors to leverage the power of NFT technology to bring forth the possibilities of a new frontier in the multi-billion dollar play-to-earn gaming industry. Notably, Onessus’s robust product suite is evolving, and NiftyVille is just one of those that stand out.

The hot sale of the exotic cars was a full warm-up for NiftyVille’s game launch. Plus, the joint sale with Binance and Galler is likely to push the anticipation of the game reveal to a higher level. If you don’t want to miss out NiftyVille property auction, circle the date of March 20th on your calendar. 

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