Best NFT & Play-to-Earn Games for 2022 – from G to P

From Galaxy Fight Club to Phantom Galaxies, the best games to watch in 2022 – part 2 out of 3.

What are the 50 most anticipated NFT and play-to-earn games for 2022? In the past years we’ve seen many announcements and investments, and it’s in the line of expectations that 2022 will bring the first fruits of all that hard work. On this page we look at games, ranging from Galaxy Fight Club to Phantom Galaxies. 

For this list we look at projects that have set, or are expected to set, high standards for their gameplay. A good play-to-earn game should be fun to play, aside from its potential financial benefits. These are the 50 most anticipated NFT and play-to-earn games for 2022 you need to keep your eyes on, ranging from G to P.

50 games 2022 - AF

In Galaxy Fight Club the developers want to allow various NFT brands to come together and battle. This will be a fighting game in which players holding certain NFTs can compete in PVP battles. Galaxy Fight Club offers fast-paced MOBA gameplay, and it will work on mobile devices. Every 3v3 match takes 5 minutes, and the first team with 20 kills wins the match. – Dapp Page

Everybody can play Genopets for free, level up their Genopet and sell it with a profit. Those who really want to enable the play-to-earn mechanics of this Solana-based move-to-earn game will need to buy a Habitat NFT. This will add more play-to-earn functionalities, generating Crystals and improving the performance of the Genopets. Most important, this game tracks your activity through your smartphone, hence the move-to-earn slogan. – Official website

Without a doubt Guild of Guardians is one of the most anticipated blockchain-powered games for 2022. This mobile action RPG has players battling through dungeons, finding items, leveling up their heroes, working together. Running on the Immutable X layer-2 solution, players can transfer NFTs without having to worry about gas fees, while the GOG tokens power the game’s economy. – Dapp page

For the past few years the strategy game Hash Rush has been in production, while the game’s economy has been overhauled as well. Nowadays Hash Rush exists on the Vorto Network, powered by Near Protocol. Expect a full real-time strategy game that features NFT heroes and a play-to-earn economy. – Official website

The world of Illuvium combines auto-battle pet games with open-world adventures. Powered by the Immutable X layer-2 solutions, Illuvium wants to bring high quality gaming into the blockchain space. Players can do quests, gather resources and battle others in a vast open world that has been shattered by a devastating cataclysm. – Dapp page

Developers that worked on Call of Duty and Halo are now developing Last Expedition, a survival first person shooter with play-to-earn features. Players need to fight in a hostile alien world. Gameplay is still a bit mysterious, but players need to develop a strategy to build, grow and survive in the game world. – Official website

Made by legendary game designer Peter Molyneux and his 22cans studio comes Legacy, a business management game that lets players start their own virtual business. Players need to design their own products and manage the town where their business is located. Like other games in the Gala Games ecosystem, Legacy uses its own LegacyCoin token and every business in the game is an NFT. – Official website

MetaLands is a first person shooter in which every player has a custom character. They can expect game modes similar to those in top games of the genre: bom diffuse, capture the flag, death match, free for all and so on. Players who own a bunker NFT, can create clans. Together players can gather resources, craft new weapons or upgrade existing ones. MetaLands runs on BSC and Polygon. – Official website

In MetaSoccer players can own a football club and generate an income through gameplay. Send your scouts to find talented players. Every player is an NFT can be improved through training and eventually sold with a profit. At the same time the competition is fierce, because everybody wants to hold the trophy at the end of the season. MetaSoccer gives players various ways to earn the native MSU token, powered by Polygon. – Official website

With MetaStrike we add another blockchain-powered shooter to the list. However, this one is even more competitive. Players can equip and upgrade weapons, complete missions, and earn more NFTs and tokens. They can also build their own maps to battle on, mint those as an NFT and earn a share of the activity taking place on their creation. Ultimately the developers see Metastrike as a sandbox for various FPS games, modes and projects. – Official website

With Mirandus the team at Gala Games is building a player-owned fantasy world. The community owns businesses, buildings, camps, towns and cities, powering the economy of this fantasy rich universe. At the same time Gala Games builds a believable world with dangerous animals, lurking danger, a day-night cycle, dungeons, world bosses and so on. – Dapp page

Mist is a play-to-earn massively multiplayer online role playing game where players can own all game items. The game economy is powered by the native MIST token on BSC, and it works inside and outside the game. Players can invest in farms or shops to participate in the game economy, or they become a trader or monster slayer. – Dapp page

Tapping into the Chromia blockchain and utilizing BSC to power its economy, My Neighbor Alice has become one of the most anticipated projects in the gaming space. My Neighbor Alice combines social elements from Animal Crossing with farming from Stardew Valley, all powered through player-owned lands and assets. – Dapp page

It looks like NiftyVille takes place on a nice tropical island, but this game world is mayhem. Player owned businesses empower others to become the most notorious citizens of NiftyVille. Here you can find destruction derbies, races, zombie parties, anything goes really. Players can become a hitman, thief, business owner, anything they want. Of course all while earning tokens and NFTs to trade. – Official website

In Phantom Galaxies players get an open-world universe combined with fast-paced mech combat. Players will have various Mecha Starfighters to choose from, which they can upgrade through gameplay. Every player character has been generated, giving them a unique look. Through guilds players get to govern and control the galaxy. – Dapp page

50 games 2022 - AF

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