NFT Financed Movie The Infinite Machine Will Premiere in Decentraland

The Infinite Machine

Ridley Scott’s movie about Ethereum and Vitalik Buterin will be part of the metaverse

The Infinite Machine, a movie about the story behind the world’s second-largest digital asset, Ethereum, and its creators Vitalik Buterin, Gavin Wood, and Charles Hoskinson will become the world’s first NFT-financed film. Additionally, one of the producing companies, Versus Entertainment, recently announced that Decentraland and Lumiere were on board to host the movie in the metaverse. 

The Infinite Machine is based on a book by the same title written by cryptocurrency expert Camilla Russo. In the book, which tells the story of Ethereum, the author details the crazy and usually unlucky experiences of a team of developers, led by a visionary 19-year-old Vitalik Buterin on a mission to build a super-charged, global network.

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Perhaps the biggest news is that the movie will be written and directed by Shyam Madiraju and Ridley Scott, Tom Moran, and Vera Meyer of Scott Free, producing alongside Alejandro Miranda of Versus Entertainment. According to the project roadmap, a script for the movie should be finalized by Q3 2022. Ridley Scott is responsible for seminal movies like Alien, Bladerunner, and Thelma & Louise, and his involvement should prove a serious pull.  

The Infinite Machine – First NFT-funded movie 

The movie producers are hoping to make The Infinite Machine the world’s first fully NFT-funded feature film by financing much of the process by selling an NFT Collection. The collection is a take on the logo of the Ethereum brand which has become one of the most recognizable in the space. 

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The Infinite Machine

Each artist created a piece representing their vision for Ethereum, decentralization values, and ten versions of the Ethereum logo. Each take on the ETH logo has been further divided into four quadrants and programmatically combined, creating 10,499 unique ETH logo mosaics that reflect the combined visions of the artists.

The goal of The Infinite Machine NFT collection is to fund the filming of the movie but also to use Ethereum’s underlying technology to promote artists in emerging nations whose voices could benefit from amplification in the NFT space. As production starts, holders of NFTs will have the chance to receive movie-related extras linked to the NFTs, plus future airdrops.

4,156 NFTs have been minted so far, and the floor price at writing is 0.198 ETH, or around $1,275. The rest will be distributed in future sales in the coming weeks with dates TBA. The first round in 2021 was a massive success, and the first edition mint sold out in just over one day, raising almost $700K. The second round saw similar success, raising a total of 412.75 ETH. The project is expected to conduct its third round of NFT sales in the coming months. 

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Real-world meets NFTs 

While The Infinite Machine hopes to be the first fully NFT-funded movie, there are significant rumblings across the industry that point to more inclusion of NFT technology in real-world matters. Ten days ago, a $26.5M building in one of New York City’s most fashionable neighborhoods went up for sale on NFT marketplace OpenSea

The seller, Okada & Company, has been in the commercial real estate business for almost 60 years. If sold, 111 West 24th Street wouldn’t be the first property sold on the blockchain, but it would undoubtedly be the most costly. Interestingly, since listing the building 13 days ago at 15,000 ETH, the price of ETH has dropped more than 30%, pulling the price down to $19 million at writing. 

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