New Single Dapp Page is Live: How It Improves Your Web3 Discovery

New Single Dapp Page is Live- How It Improves Your Web3 Discovery
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Exploring your favorite Web3 projects has never been so satisfying

The World’s Dapp Store has just released a new version of its main product, the single dapp page. Now with enhanced UX design and exciting new features, navigating through dapps, NFTs, and protocols is easier than ever. Find out what changed and how you can benefit from being a part of the DappRadar community.


  • DappRadar completely rebuilt the single dapp page for a better user experience in exploring projects in the Web3 space;
  • The new page allows you to easily find all relevant information and data about any dapp or NFT collection registered;
  • You can currently track 12,752 dapps and 9,228 NFT collections in over 48 different protocols in DappRadar’s Rankings.

Better experience for a better dapp discovery

It can be challenging to keep up with all the changes in the decentralized applications world. However, keeping an eye on up-to-date and trusted data is of paramount value to anyone looking for opportunities on Web3.

That’s why DappRadar’s updates to the single dapp pages deserve your attention.

Here’s what the new page offers you:

  1. Cleaner and more attractive design, better user experience;
  2. Find data of all the dapp’s services in one place;
  3. Easily filter protocols to explore data related to each chain;
  4. Discover, check the price, and buy a project’s token in the new section;
  5. View data with more clarity with beautifully designed graphics;
  6. Quickly favorite, share, or report a dapp with the new features.

While all these updates make your life a lot easier when it comes to doing your own research, we’re not stopping here.

Our team is currently developing the next versions of this page, expanding the possibilities of dapp discovery and promoting top-level content and user-centered initiatives. We won’t stop building.

Community importance grows

Our organization has always been dedicated to being as of much use to users as possible. This way, DappRadar is in the process of decentralizing through its own DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). 

By owning our ecosystem’s RADAR tokens, you gain a voice in our organization’s decisions.

Part of the benefits of contributing to DappRadar will be more visible in future updates to the single dapp page.

In other words, if you hold RADAR and are a DappRadar PRO user, you will be able to benefit even more from the upcoming features we’re developing, staying another one step ahead of the crowd.

Check out the new dapp page now

Don’t wait any longer and take the opportunity to explore the latest changes in the new single dapp page on your own.

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