Why Every Dapp Community Needs a Voice in the DappRadar DAO

Why Every Dapp Community Needs a Voice in the DappRadar DAO
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As DappRadar’s mission is to be the world’s dapp store, our community has a crucial role to play. The roadmap to raise each dapp in the DappRadar DAO is just starting, so now is the time to get a seat at the table. We’ll introduce you to our journey to true decentralization and how the RADAR token is leading this revolution. Read on!


What is a DAO?

The word DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, and although its definition may be quite broad, DAOs may be seen as the future of corporations.

Every DAO member can directly influence the execution of key organizational decisions, elevating the relevance of contributors like never before.

While the term is being banally used on Web3 lately, building a DAO isn’t exactly quick and easy. There are a number of factors to consider in order to find the balance between DAO’s mission, tokenomics, and governance – and that’s why we have professionals outlining a clear and in-depth strategy.

The DappRadar DAO

As the world’s dapp store, we aim to belong to the community, our contributors, users, developers. Therefore, making DappRadar a DAO was the natural way to go. For the past months, our team has been preparing our organization for becoming a DAO in all its meaning.

The big goal is to make DappRadar a decentralized organization where the community has as much say in decisions as the CEO does.

In order to reach that level, we introduced the RADAR token.

RADAR token

RADAR, the native token of our ecosystem, give its holders of RADAR the ability to vote on decisions that affect the development of DappRadar products. But it means way more than it seems and we are planning on going taking RADAR benefits even further.

You can check out RADAR features here.

How dapp communities benefit from the DappRadar DAO

As now you know, our team is working on a high-level roadmap to lead the company to a DAO, starting by making each of our departments more contributor-led. In this scenario, dapp developers would be among those who would have the most to gain.

“Having a voice in DappRadar DAO provides unprecedented opportunities for dapps communities to gain the exposure they deserve.”

Nathan Vandy, DappRadar’s DAO Leader.

DappRadar DAO has access to thousands of users and is trusted by millions of visitors. Having direct influence over such an engaging and trusted platform is not the norm.

By joining the DappRadar DAO and holding RADAR tokens, you can influence:

  • DappRadar features;
  • The benefits that each listed dapp receives;
  • The products that we integrate;
  • The exposure that each dapp receives.

The more RADAR you hold, the more can promote your favorite dapps and, as seen in our recent Proposal, influence different integrations too.

DappRadar governance process

If you already own RADAR and want to help us shape the decentralized future, you can already start influencing our platform.

Thanks to our DAO’s governance models, community members can discuss ideas on our Discord, turn them into proposals via the Forum, and take proposals to a vote and cast their vote in Snapshot. If accepted, the DappRadar team can start developing your new idea.

Of course, there are pre-defined rules to be able to take ideas forward and voting periods, but at the end of the day it’s the community that can make the decisions.

Join us for a decentralized future at DappRadar

In the near future, we will be rolling out more opportunities and features to engage the community and our DAO in the development of DappRadar.

You can learn more about our DAO’s governance on Boardroom, or follow up on the governance page.

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