New DappRadar Tokens Ranking Improves Crypto Discovery

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Keeping track of your favorite tokens in Web3 has never been easier

DappRadar is proud to announce a new way to discover cryptocurrencies with the improved Tokens Ranking. Now you can easily connect your favorite dapps with trending tokens, filtering by categories, searching specific coins, and more.

Welcome to the Token Rankings 2.0

The revamped Top Crypto Tokens Ranking comes with an enhanced user interface and features unique metrics. Whether you’re looking for the crypto tokens with the highest circulating market capitalization or traded volume in the past 24 hours, data is only one click away. 

And what’s best, you can find tokens from over 50 different chains in the ranking, broadening the limits the previous version imposed.

Top Crypto Tokens Ranking DappRadar

Moreover, we’re happy to extend our new filter and category options, recently introduced with Rankings 2.0

Exploring the trending tokens of gaming or DeFi dapps specifically is something extremely helpful to our community of Web3 degens. This tool also offers immense value to any researcher analyzing the industry.

DappRadar Crypto Ranking Filtered Gaming Category

Having a look at gaming dapps tokens only, we see that move-to-earn FITFI was one of the most relevant crypto tokens to have had a positive week with an increase in value of +11.79%.

All about a Token on a single page

While you already know how to take advantage of DappRadar for your Web3 discovery, now it’s time we look at dapps’ tokenomics. We are also launching an improved version of our Single Token Pages to improve your crypto experience.

DappRadar New Token Page

We maintained the useful metrics that were already available in the previous version of the Token page. But we also introduced the “Low to high range”, showcasing the volatility of that particular token in a certain amount of time.

Using DappRadar for crypto discovery

 It’s a fast-paced and ever-changing market, and DappRadar is here to guide you through it.

Explore trending tokens in Web3 now

Be one of the first to try out our new Tokens Ranking. Join our Discord community to submit your much-valued feedback. 

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