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Rankings enhanced with more filter and search options, supercharged for PRO members

DappRadar introduces a completely new way to discover dapps using the DappRadar Rankings, featuring unique metrics, user interface enhancements and new filter and category options. The DappRadar Rankings are better, faster and more comprehensive than ever before. 

Instead of going for a one-size fits all approach, DappRadar now provides relevant blockchain metrics and KPIs for each product category. Every vertical, such as Games or DeFi, has its own specific data points. This allows users to discover and analyze dapps using relevant metrics. 

Rankings isn’t just an update, it’s a fundamental change to the way DappRadar operates as a platform. The Rankings will be the starting point for every new feature, metric or service we introduce for users, dapp developers and Web3 organizations alike. We invite the community to drop their feedback about our new Rankings on the suggestions board.

What’s new?

Rankings 2.0 comes with improved categorization, more sorting options and the filter ranges. Those who are familiar with the older version, will see that for example the Games Rankings now shows token prices and growth change on UAW and Volume. While all versions of Rankings come with subcategories, allowing users to find dapps with specific features and functionalities. 

DappRadar PRO members can use more filters, giving them an edge in identifying the best and rising stars of Web3. And instead of sharing screenshots, users can simply share the URL to share their custom rankings to their friends.

Better categorization

Within the Rankings, users can easily filter dapps by a subcategory. However, go to the specific Games Rankings and there will be subcategories such as Strategy, Move2Earn, Card Games and RPG. And in DeFi you will find categorizations for lending platforms, bridges, staking and other features often seen in blockchain-powered financial services.  

DappRadar Rankings Games RPG - sorted by UAW
Source: Games Rankings

More sorting options

For the first time ever, visitors of DappRadar can sort the Rankings by growth change. This means that gamers can now discover which gaming platform has seen the biggest growth within the past 7 or 30 days. Also, the change in TVL can now serve as a discovery metric for DeFi platforms listed on DappRadar.

Source: Games Rankings

Filter data ranges

Using the filter options, users can even specify to only show dapps within a certain data range. For example, only show dapps with more than 1,000 UAW in the past 7 days. PRO members can utilize multiple filters at the same time, narrowing down their search for the best dapps.

Source: Games Rankings

And users who already know the dapp they are looking for, can simply type the name in the search bar to find all the relevant data.

Source: Games Rankings

More chances for dapp developers to stand out

With the introduction of Rankings 2.0, the necessity for developers to maintain and update their dapp product pages on DappRadar becomes more evident. By providing proper tags and categories, dapp developers can ensure that their games, DeFi services and social dapps get found by a genuinely interested audience.

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