My Defi Pet First Big Game on Binance Smart Chain

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Pet farming game doubled its user base in the past 7 days

With more than 97,450 registered active wallets, the blockchain-powered game My Defi Pet is the latest sensation on Binance Smart Chain. As a matter of fact, with this many users over the past 7 days the game is just behind Axie Infinity’s 97,860 active wallets. 

My Defi Pet is the second biggest dapp on Binance Smart Chain in terms of active wallets, only PancakeSwap is performing better. That means that My Defi Pet is above established DeFi protocols like Autofarm and Pancake Bunny.

Looking at the specific charts for Binance Smart Chain, changes in the landscape are becoming more evident. When we rank the charts based on active wallets, four out of the top ten dapps are gamified DeFi or GameFi products. Mobox, CryptoBlades and My Defi Pet all fit in that sub-category. 

What is My Defi Pet

My Defi Pet is a blockchain-powered game that combines gaming with NFTs and elements from decentralized finance (DeFi). As a result the game taps into earning mechanics, following a play-to-earn business model. This often means that users can play for free, but will make very little. However, users who invest will also be able to earn more. In My Defi Pet you will first need to get a pet.

In My Defi Pet a new monster gets born every hour, and players can bid on that monster for 24 hours. Players can also combine monsters to breed second generation monsters. By using their monster and taking care of them, players can level up their monsters. They will evolve, gain new powers and will be more useful in battle. 

In essence, My Defi Pet combines elements from Tamagotchi with aspects from Pokemon. All in-game actions are paid using the in-game token DPET. Gamers can earn this token through gameplay, or acquire it from an exchange. The token serves for governance voting, but also for in-game purchases and staking. Obviously staking can earn you new rewards, including eggs that can be hatched for new monsters.

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