Best Play-to-Earn Blockchain Games for July 2021

play-to-earn games july

Play these games to earn money while having fun

Playing games could soon very well become a job for many people thanks to blockchain technology and the play-to-earn business model. Many games are in development, but in this list we give you 5 tips of games you can already play!

Play-to-earn as a business model is taking off in developing countries like The Philippines, Venezuela, Brazil, Indonesia, and India. These blockchain games can provide an extra source of income, thanks to blockchain technology and NFTs.

Blockchain games are different from the regular games you buy in stores. In these games, players actually own digital assets and in-game currencies. They can sell, trade or share their earnings with other players as they please. Where normal games take your money, blockchain-powered games create value through participation. 

These five games are interesting to follow and play this month

Axie Infinity

After spending a couple of hundred dollars on three Axie NFTs, players can start earning Smooth Love Potions or SLP. In tactical battles players need to beat their opponent to win SLP as a reward. One SLP is now $0,17 at the time of writing, and active players can earn up to 200 SLP per day.

Alien Worlds

Simply by making an account for the Wax blockchain, Alien Worlds users can start earning TLM. Alien Worlds is a mining game, mixing elements from video games with DeFi. The basic tools will only provide small portions of TLM. Acquiring better NFTs from the public marketplace, and then using them in-game, can boost the player’s TLM earnings. Such an initial investment can give the TLM earnings a significant boost. 

Gods Unchained

In the play-to-earn landscape, Gods Unchained is one of the pioneers. Gamers can play this trading card game for free, complete challenges and earn blockchain cards (NFTs) with actual value. The card game will soon also introduce the GODS token, adding another play-to-earn mechanic to their ecosystem.

F1 Delta Time

F1 Delta Time is one of many blockchain-powered racing games or NFT collections in the REVV Motorsport ecosystem. In this racing game players need to buy a vehicle, driver and car parts to compete in lucrative competitions where they can win REVV tokens. This same currency can also be used to acquire NFTs for other racing games, including Formula E and upcoming titles.


With more than 8,000 players per day, Splinterlands has become a big name in the blockchain space. Players use NFT cards to create a tactical card deck, after which a battle unfolds automatically based on their card picks. By completing challenges gamers can win NFTs, while winning battles earns them DEC tokens. Upcoming features are the SPS governance system and land gameplay. 

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