Mars4 Releases Its First Game Demo: Play, Build and Earn on the Real Mars

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MARS4 is a unique game that features an in-game 3D map of Mars based on NASA’s data. Players can own, explore and colonize 99,888 NFT Lands.

More than half of the Mars4 NFT lands are sold

Mars4 recently launched its first game demo for its NFT holders to enjoy. The game is the first to use NASA data to model its in-game map, providing users with an unparalleled space adventure.


  • Mars4 is an interactive 3D metaverse game with play-to-earn mechanics woven into a PvE survival gameplay.
  • In the game, there are 99,888 NFT Lands for players to own, explore, colonize, and earn passive income, with more than half already sold. 
  • MARS4 is the native token of the Mars4 metaverse.
  • Players can use MARS4 to purchase in-game items, pay rent, and earn it as passive income.

Space-themed video games are nothing new to many game lovers. At DappRadar, we have introduced many excellent space-themed gaming dapps such as Ertha, Moon, and Star Atlas. They all have their unique gameplay and selling points.

But a game that features an in-game 3D map of Mars based on NASA’s data is the first of its kind. Mars4 is a virtual Mars exploration play-to-earn game that brings users an immersive experience through breathtaking visuals and unique gameplay. 

What is Mars4?

Official Trailer of Mars4 Metaverse | Be First to Invest in Red Planet NFTs

MARS4 is an interactive 3D metaverse game with play-to-earn mechanics woven into a PvE survival gameplay. The game aims to create an exciting, engaging, and P2E-powered Mars Metaverse for a greater community of crypto investors, gamers and space enthusiasts. 

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To establish a self-sustaining metaverse, the team behind Mars4 meticulously designed a three-pillar-driven mechanism to facilitate the in-game ecosystem. The three pillars are the Mars Land NFT, the MARS4 token, and the P2E gameplay

Become Mars4’s privileged NFT land owner

Mars4’s world unfolds across a geographically-exact 3D virtual Mars, created with data from NASA and other space agencies. A total number of 99,888 individual NFT Lands allow players to own, explore, colonize, and earn passive income. 

It’s worth mentioning that passive income includes rewards from the community pool, a revenue distributing tool. Landowners can enjoy the privilege of earning a bigger reward from the pool.

It is worth noting that of all the land NFTs, 888 of them are ‘Rare’, and each covers a significantly larger area. What fascinates space enthusiasts is that a Rare Land encompasses a famous topological feature on Mars, from named craters to Olympus Mons. 

The land sale is already underway, and only 42% of the 99888 lands left, which is less than half. Since owning the land is the key to mastering Mars4‘s P2E gameplay, players must seize the precious opportunity before selling out. 

The tokenomics explained

MARS4, the native token of Mars4, is the backbone of this sustainable P2E ecosystem. The token serves various purposes. First, players can use MARS4 as payment for goods, services, and rents in the Mars4 metaverse. 

Additionally, the Mars4 NFT Landowners can gain yield in MARS4 on every transaction made on their lands as passive earnings. Another way of earning MARS4 is to stake them on SushiSwap’s Onsen.

Users can acquire MARS4 from SushiSwap, Bittrex, Mexc, Pancakeswap and KuCoin. A detailed token supply breakdown is shown below.

The journey to Mars has set sail

The Mars4 team has rolled out a robustroadmap for the project to develop into one of the most immersive metaverses. The game demo is ready for players to build their dream constructions on the Mars4 metaverse. So check out the game demo now and start some field research on the Mars surface!

Last but not least, with a community-driven nature at its heart, Mars4 will evolve the way players prefer. Ultimately, Mars4 aims to become a DAO, a truly participatory metaverse project leveraging the wisdom and power of its community.

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