Moon Explained: The First Play-to-Earn Lunar Metaverse Project

A P2E game with a highly sustainable in-game economy

Metaverse games are ushering in the next wave of gaming with play-to-earn mechanics and virtual worlds, and Moon is at the forefront. Meanwhile, the competition in this area is fierce. Storytelling, gameplay, and token economy are just a few of the aspects that gamers need to consider. With a compelling narrative and sustainable in-game economy, Moon is not just another game choice for play-to-earn gamers.

The moon, the closest celestial body to the earth, has been orbiting the earth silently like a faithful lover for billions of years. Although humans have successfully landed on the moon and unveiled the mystery of this satellite, for most of us, the moon still seems like a familiar stranger. Whenever we look up at a clear night sky, it always triggers our infinite reverie of a multi-planetary future. 

Before this dream comes true, Moon, the first play-to-earn lunar metaverse project has opened the door to a whole new realm of experiences. With the new play-to-earn paradigm, often also referred to as play-and-earn or play-to-own, gaming embraces principles of Web3. Through play-to-earn gaming, users get ownership over digital assets as the game’s economy has real world value.  

What is Moon?

Built on the Binance Smart Chain, Moon is an interactive economic, political, and social metaverse project created for players to virtually explore the moon like never before. Moon allows players to  participate in an in-game economy and set up their own business. They can also build communities, and create a thriving civilization. Simply put, it has all the thrills that players always enjoy from open-ended and strategy games.

The backbone of Moon’s gameplay revolves around 126,000 HEX virtual land plots that make up the lunar surface, represented by an equal number of NFTs. 

The virtual land plots allow players to start businesses, build real estate, and develop other activities on top of them. And the adoption of NFT stands as one of the game’s essential pillars as it makes the store of value possible and tradable. Without a doubt, virtual land is among the most important assets in Moon.

A Sustainable Circular Economy 

As the trend of play-to-earn (P2E) gaming progresses, games like Moon have substantially improved the token economy that they offer, in which a sustainable circular economy can be achieved. Players need to be able to earn, trade, buy and sell tokens and assets, and there needs to be demand. 

Developed, managed, and traded strategically, those 126,000 HEX virtual land plots will generate fruitful income for players. As players actively participate in micro-economic activities in the game, Mooniverse will form an orderly macro-economy in which employment will be created, tax will be generated and in-game token value will be increased.

Strong market growth for play-to-earn gaming

A healthy P2E ecosystem with incentive-driven mechanisms will always keep attracting players, inviting them to participate in the ecosystem. With the expansion of Moon’s participatory ecosystem, it automatically follows the increasing demand for plots of land, in-game resources and other tools. And in this way, it further nourishes macroeconomic growth.According to the industry data revealed by DappRadar, during the first four weeks of 2022, top 5 games attracted about 765,000 unique active wallets. The enthusiasm for blockchain-based games is evident. Against such Web3 game boom, with its compelling narrative and sustainable in-game economy, the team behind Moon is confident to satisfy gamers’ crave for high-quality P2E games.

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