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The gasless blockchain for dapps, enterprises and millions of users

DappRadar is ecstatic to welcome LightLink, the gasless Layer-2 network built for dapps, enterprises and millions of users. Everybody can now discover and track new and established dapps built on LightLink using the official chain page, and the LightLink Rankings.

With the rise of Layer-2 networks built on top of Ethereum, LightLink stands out thanks to its unique proposition for developers building on the rollup. LightLink lets dapps and enterprises offer users instant and gasless transactions. In addition, transactions are processed instantly. 

With the integration of LightLink, users of DappRadar can discover projects on the L2 network through industry defining metrics. This also gives developers visibility within a community of Web3 enthusiasts. Discovering projects built on LightLink has never been this accessible.

LL token explained

LightLink will have its own token, LL. This token will be distributed through Fjord Foundry through a liquidity bootstrapping pool (LBP). This allows projects like LightLink to acquire funding by allowing community members to swap USDC, DAI or WETH for LL tokens, at a discounted rate. After the LBP event, LL will be listed on centralized and decentralized exchanges. 

The LL token is key to LightLink’s growth, because it serves both as a medium of exchange and as a governance tool. LightLink will also have a NFT node sale, which participants can purchase using LL tokens. These NFTs allow community members to run validator nodes, which in return allows them to earn rewards.

Key features of LightLink 

The key feature of LightLink is the Enterprise Mode, which enables predictable and gasless transactions from your Web3 wallet without extra complexities. Users can interact with LightLink without the need to pay for gas fees.

Under the hood, LightLink taps into Ethereum for transaction finality and security, while it also connects to Celestia. This allows projects to tap into modular data availability, making verification of data faster and cheaper. 

Projects built on LightLink

The ecosystem of this newly integrated Layer-2 network has a strategic partner in Animoca Brands, one of the leading gaming and investment companies in Web3. Moreover, Celestia, API3 and Pyth Network provide infrastructure services. 

These are some of the projects building on LightLink: 

  • Amped Finance – a trading platform with community-provided liquidity
  • Elektrik – a decentralized exchange built on LightLink
  • Grapes – a gaming platform utilizing NFTs and its own token
  • Liteflow – Tools to build NFT products

Missing a project? List it now!

Developers and enthusiastic community members of the LightLink ecosystem can list their projects easily on DappRadar. Join our platform, and showcase your project to our global community of Web3 and gaming enthusiasts.

All you need to do is to make an account on our Developer Dashboard, and provide all the requested information. Developers can list projects in different stages of development, both with and without smart contracts.

You will receive a notification once our moderators approve a project. By listing a project on DappRadar, you boost its visibility and increase its chance for success. Above all, you can utilize various services such as advertising, Boosting Power, and Quests to generate more visibility. 

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