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Everything you need to know about the play-to-earn strategy game League of Kingdoms and its native token LOKA

League of Kingdoms is an MMO strategy game where gamers fight for dominance among each other. Players have the chance to create their own kingdom, build structures and earn resources from them. What’s more, players get to be part of the League of Kingdoms Arena and decide the fate of the game through governance votes thanks to the native LOKA token. 

Running on Ethereum and Polygon, League of Kingdoms has attracted a large following and a lot of players. Thanks to the extensive gameplay, users can enjoy numerous functionalities. Building your kingdom is just the first step. Once settled, you can always upgrade your structures, or venture out on a research mission. Invest resources to find new battle technologies or form alliances. Players can also venture out to the training barracks and boost their troops’ skills and abilities. Creating a strong army is one of the key elements for success in League of Kingdoms.  

Farming and hunting are also important in the game as these activities reward players with much-needed resources. Items you gather while farming and hunting will help you build up your kingdom and strengthen your structures. 

What is League of Kingdoms Arena (LOKA)?

League of Kingdoms Arena is the governance structure behind the platform. It allows players who own LOKA tokens to be part of the decision-making process regarding all things related to the game.

LOKA holders have a unique advantage to have the final say in numerous high-level decisions about the game. Impressively, these can also affect whole sections of the game world, regardless of who owns the land NFTs for this region. 

What’s more, the Arena offers staking mechanisms with high-yield pools where players can multiply their LOKA holdings. Importantly, players and users need to stake LOKA tokens in order to participate in governance votes. The amount of LOKA staked corresponds to the weight of your vote. 

Drago NFTs and Drago Soul Token

You might be wondering where the play-to-earn element is at this point? Not to worry, here come Drago NFTs and the in-game Drago Soul Token. Drago NFTs are battle companions that unlock League of Kingdoms’ earning potential. Release a Drago alongside your troops when going out to battle to benefit from the play-to-earn structure. 

Battling with Drago NFTs alongside your troops will bring players Drago Soul Token (DST) rewards. Winning competitions with a Drago NFT present can bring player LOKA earnings too. Check out the detailed in-game economy breakdown below. 

league of kingdoms

Importantly, the whole Drago NFT play-to-earn mechanic is still under development. The team is working on building the robust in-game economy, and expects to launch it by the end of 2022. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the League of Kingdoms ecosystem as more players explore its fun gameplay and earning opportunities. If you want to learn more about League of Kingdoms and the LOKA token, check out the links below. Additionally, you can follow DappRadar on Twitter, and join our PRO Discord channels to have a chat with other League of Kingdoms fans. 

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