Claim Your Land in Solarwood and Join Ember Sword History

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Ember Sword landowners participate in the wider game economy of this MMORPG

Ember Sword land ownership is unique for  players to shape the landscape and promotes social engagement with players who join in this  fantasy-rich MMORPG adventure. As a highly-anticipated Web3 game in development, Ember Sword offers captivating narratives, MOBA-inspired combat, and a frictionless entry for all types of gamers. Owning a piece of land not only adds to the fun, but also brings numerous benefits to players’ gaming experience.


Discover the legendary world of Ember Sword

Ember Sword is an innovative open-world MMORPG, standing at the forefront of Web3 gaming. It blends iconic elements from gaming classics with cutting-edge technology and a captivating narrative.

Powered by a proprietary engine, this gamer-centric marvel ensures a seamless experience on any device. Players have the freedom to immerse themselves in its enthralling universe wherever and whenever they desire. Ember Sword will be playable through any browser on PC mobile devices and more.

The game offers exciting features that will keep players engaged for hours on end. With its MOBA-inspired combat mechanics and dynamic class system, PVE and PVP battles become dynamic and more fun. The game’s allure is further heightened by its novel RNG dungeons, ensuring that every login brings new challenges and surprises. 

However, what truly sets Ember Sword apart is its player-driven world, where the community takes an active role in shaping the ever-evolving landscape. And the best part? Their contribution not only shapes the world, but also generates valuable rewards that move back into the hands of the gaming community.

Upgrade gameplay with Ember Sword Lands

Ember Sword Land is a unique addition to the gameplay, providing players with a deeper and more rewarding experience. How is this possible? Through the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that represent these collectables which have their own options for special customization. With this land, players can give out player quests, develop, build vendors and marketplaces upon, and even trade their own parcels of Land.

There are 150,000 land plots available across all nations in Ember Sword, with a limited amount being released now for the first nation to be launched – Solarwood. No matter which type of land you choose, players will be rewarded for their contribution to the gameplay.

Solarwood unfolds as a breathtaking forested expanse, boasting unique industries and vibrant inhabitants. As players journey through this realm, they’ll find a plethora of thrilling quests, enthralling dungeons, and adrenaline-filled PvP arenas.

What are the types of land plots available?

Ember Sword offers four types of land plots:

  • Regular: A 1×1 plot that grants you a Sir/Lady title and a x1 share of the global economic activity in Ember Sword.
  • Settlement: A 1×1 plot allowing Barons/Baronesses to place two tier 1 buildings, give quests to players, and a x10 per plot multiplier for economic activity share.
  • Town: Comprising 4 town plots (2×2), granting a 50x per plot multiplier for trading share, Tier 2 buildings, quest creation, and the title of Earl or Countess. Additionally, you can have a Premium Shop with player cosmetic changes, and other unique items, and you’ll receive a share of sales.
  • City: A city, consisting of 16 city plots (4×4), earns you the prestigious title of Duke/Duchess, Tier 3 buildings, quest creation, and a massive 125x multiplier per plot for trading share. Multiple Premium Shops can be placed for things like appearance changes, faction changes and other premium items, and you’ll receive a share of sales.

How does value distribution work for landowners?

Land Ownership distribution in Ember Sword happens when a player buys a game item, these purchases will be done with EMBER tokens. 93% of the proceeds go to the plot owner of the location where the sale took place, and the remaining 7% is divided as follows:

  • Landowners receive a distribution of 3.5%, with 1% going towards a global reward for all landowners and 2.5% granted to landowners in the local area of the transaction pool.
  • 3.5% goes to Bright Star Studios, contributing to the ongoing enhancement of the gameplay experience.

Furthermore, different plot types offer varying token reward multipliers, ensuring that landowners are rewarded differently based on their land’s significance. The specific allocations are as follows, and calculation examples can be found in Ember Sword’s whitepaper.

Ember Sword land ownership benefits quests and development options
Ember Sword land owners - settlements or above - buildings vendors resources quests and portals

How to participate in the open land sale?

Players can participate in the Alpha Land Sale for Solarwood, as the second wave is about to start. After the success of the first wave, sales will now open up to all gamers. 

During the open sale, wave 2 of the Alpha Land Sale, players can purchase land in Solarwood on a first-come, first-serve basis. Future barons and baronesses can freely choose the amount of land and its location. During this land sale they will enjoy a 15% discount on the purchase price.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Ensure you have an IMX-enabled wallet and that it has sufficient funds
  2. Register for your account
  3. Click on the Land Sale image on the website (insert picture of the website journey)
  4. Select the number of plots you would like to acquire and the type of plot you want.
  5. Connect your wallet and checkout

Check out the video below for a quick guide, or head to the FAQ page for more information.

Be a part of the adventure, and forge your own legacy

The Land Sale marks a significant milestone as the world of Ember Sword unfolds, offering players the opportunity to grow alongside it. Bright Star Studios, the team behind Ember Sword, has set forth an ambitious plan for the game. 

Led by a diverse group of award-winning venture founders, former world champion pro-players, and seasoned entertainment professionals, they aim to build a player-owned economy that empowers the community. 

“As gamers ourselves, we wanted Ember Sword Land to be unique in that it is directly tied into the gameplay, with the distinct goal of making the game better for everyone …We want to change that and create an alive and ever-changing world by allowing the players to own and run the lands.

You have the opportunity to not only shape your unique corner of the world but also be rewarded for your effort.” 

— Mark Laursen, CEO

Learn more about Ember Sword and the team’s vision

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