Kroma Offers Many Rewards During Pro Gamers Season 2

Kroma Pro Gamers Season 2 event rewards KRO token airdrop
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In the wake of Season 1, Season 2 brings one full month of gaming fun to gamers and projects on Kroma

After over 30,000 participants joined Season 1, Kroma Network has now launched Pro Gamers Season 2 as a one-month event full of rewards and opportunities. Players can earn NFT rewards as they explore games within the Kroma ecosystem while earning points for the upcoming KRO airdrop. 

On 27 June, Pro Gamers Season 2 kicked off with six exciting gaming projects on Kroma. On 10 July, the organization will introduce more projects to the line-up, making the Pro Gamers Season 2 something you don’t want to miss out on. 

Participants can join the event through various social tasks and on-chain activities. To become eligible for the rewards, they will need to post on social media and reach milestones in certain games. Kroma has launched its main quests through Intract. In addition, Kroma offers subquests through platforms like Galxe, Overtake, TaskOn, Zealy, and QuestN

How to join the Kroma Pro Gamers Season 2 

Even though you can participate in various quests across different platforms, the main quest can be found on Follow these steps to get started:

  • Go to Intract and click “Sign in” 
  • Use a wallet, Discord account or X account to log in
  • A pop-up will appear, press “Earn now” 
  • You’re now logged in and get ready.

Now go to the Kroma Summer: Pro Gamers Season 2 event page, and start completing your quests.

Rewards for Pro Gamers Season 2

The gaming event is split into two batches. The first one started on 27 June, while the second one starts on 10 July and both will end on 30 July 2024. Participants will earn resources like Ore NFTs and Mystic Alloy NFTs, which they can then refine into higher-tier Pro Gamer’s Items in the Kroma Creative Universe (KCU). This will also make participants eligible for the upcoming KRO token airdrop.

KCU roadmap 2024

Each participant can claim up to 100 Ore NFTs and get a share of a total 2,000 USDT by joining Pro Gamers Season 2. In addition, they will hand out 2 Mystic Alloy NFTs to every participant who finishes all the quests, in both the first and the second batch, on Intract

Core to the exploration of the Kroma ecosystem is the Kroma Creative Universe (KCU). This gamification platform allows users to explore dapps and earn rewards. The earned NFTs can then be forged into Pro Gamer items. There’s a total of 6 items, each coming in 4 rarities: desk, monitor, mouse, keyboard, headset and gaming chair. Those who manage to get a complete set, will double the rewards they will get from the KRO airdrop. 

Kroma Creative Universe (KCU) explained

The KCU ensures fairness by rewarding those who contribute to the ecosystem. Following this concept, gamers and projects who are part of the KCU grow together. Within the KCU, participants earn Pro Gamer items, of which there are 6 in 4 rarities. These Pro Gamer items are just one part of the story because Kroman profile pictures (PFPs) are the ones who can ‘wear’ the Pro Gamer items. You will be able to do this in the Armory which will open on 18 July.  

There are 5 different Kromans:

  • Human
  • Rider
  • De-troms
  • V.I.
  • Harmon

Everybody has 5 chances to mint their Kroman PFPs for free. Minting will commence on 18 July through the Gate. Another important location in the Kroma Creative Universe would be the Factory, where participants can craft Pro Gamer’s items.

Again, just a reminder, your Kroman PFP and its Pro Gamer’s item play a crucial role in the upcoming KRO token airdrop.

KRO token airdrop

Kroma currently does not have its own token yet, which means you can still join and become eligible for the KRO token airdrop. Pro Gamers Season 2 is the perfect event to get started, as the token generation event is scheduled for mid-Q3 2024. Additionally, you can participate in Kroma’s native staking service, Spectrum, to earn a spot in the KRO token airdrop.

Closing words

If you’re a gamer and excited about blockchain technology, then Kroma’s Pro Gamers Season 2 is an event you don’t want to miss out on. Through this event you will discover many new projects as you collect Pro Gamer’s items, making you eligible for the upcoming KRO token airdrop. Your participation in Kroma’s gamers network will not go unrewarded. Press the start button and let’s do this.

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