Hunters On-Chain: A Comprehensive Guide to the Web3 RPG

How to Play Win Earn Hunters On Chain
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Immerse yourself in a world of crypto-battles and unique NFT hunters in Hunters On-Chain

Dive into the world of Hunters On-Chain, a web3 RPG game that’s captivating players worldwide. This guide will take you through the unique features of this blockchain game, its dynamic NFT assets, and how you can join the hunt. As we delve deeper into the realms of Hunters On-Chain, we’ll also explore how to use DappRadar’s tools and stats to stay updated in the ever-evolving web3 gaming industry.


What is Hunters On-Chain?

Hunters On-Chain is a free-to-play, action-packed RPG built on the Polygon blockchain. It’s the web3 version of Hunt Royale, a mobile game that gained massive popularity with over seven million installs worldwide.

The game is under development, but you can play the Testnet version for fun and rewards. Generally, it revolves around Hunters NFTs, who venture into hunting grounds, battling a range of unique fantasy enemies.

Play and earn game Hunters on Chain on Polygon

There are six game modes, each offering its own unique challenges and rewards. The ultimate objective is to upgrade your hunters, strategize your actions, and reap the rewards in the form of BGEM tokens.

While the game’s full release is scheduled for sometime in May 2023, you can already play it using your Hunter NFTs.

Who is behind the Hunters On-Chain team?

Hunters On-Chain is the brainchild of BoomLand, a blockchain game developer and publisher with a track record of over 200 games and 1.5 billion downloads to its name.

The studio is led by veterans of the mobile gaming industry who bring their expertise to the table in creating an immersive, engaging, and rewarding gaming experience. BoomLand games are known for seamlessly onboarding new players, eliminating the need for complex procedures like wallet creation and token swaps.

What makes Hunters On-Chain special?

Hunters On-Chain’s charm lies in its blend of strategy, action, and real-world rewards. Each hunter is a unique NFT with varying appearances, abilities, and earning capacities. Players earn BGEM tokens by participating in game modes, which can be used to access special events and buy hunt boxes.

All this, of course, wouldn’t matter if the game wasn’t fun and didn’t have an engaged community of players. None of that is true, taking it’s been among the most-played Polygon games since its launch on Polygon TestNet in March 2023.

How to get started playing Hunters On-Chain

Embarking on your Hunters On-Chain adventure is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design and free-to-play access. Notably, you can enjoy the game without the need for crypto, but to unlock the earning potential and rewards, owning an in-game Premium Hunter is necessary.

Right now, you can only play the game in Polygon’s TestNet, but there are already rewards to be won by playing.

  • Start by visiting the Boomland official website and select how you’d like to play Hunters On-Chain (either via browser or Android mobile).
  • Create an account using an email address. Upon login, a Sequence Testnet Wallet is automatically created for you.
  • The fun part begins – choosing your Hunter and game mode.

At the time of writing, not all game modes were available for playing. Check out their official Discord to be updated.

Hunt Mode gameplay

As a newcomer, you can start with a Hunt and a free Common Hunter. Teamed with four other players, your objective is to hunt as many creatures as possible and stay alive for 3 minutes.

The more creatures you hunt, the more points you accumulate. Surviving to the end of the game places you ahead of other online players. Direct confrontation with opponents isn’t always the best strategy, so plan your moves wisely.

The earnings in Hunt Mode depend on your ranking in the hunt, the earning ratio of your Hunter (determined by Rarity & Level), and any bonuses such as special artifacts or consumables.

Currently, Hunters On-Chain is being developed on the Polygon Mumbai Testnet, and it’s also available on Android. The game’s global launch is scheduled for Q2 2023.

While the free version provides a good taste of what Hunters On-Chain has to offer, players looking to delve deeper into the game’s ecosystem and monetize their gaming experience should consider investing in a Premium Hunter.

Hunters On-Chain in-game NFTs

The in-game NFTs in Hunters On-Chain consist primarily of unique hunters and special items used for upgrading and creating new hunters. They are Polygon NFTs and you can find them in the game’s marketplace, as well as OpenSea and Magic Eden.

Premium Hunters and Hunter Shards

Each hunter has unique attributes such as health pool, damage and attack speed with 40 Hunter classes to select from, including an Elf Archer, Wizard, and Gorgon.

Hunter NFT skills Hunters On Chain Game

The hunters come in different rarity levels: common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. The rarity and type of a hunter affect its attack type, perks, and more.

The Hunters On-Chain Genesis Collection is made of specific 3,333 NFTs that were the first to be minted and are known to be “the best hunters with the best possible exclusive features”. Early adopters who held Genesis Hunters receive all kinds of perks, besides having valuable in-game Hunters with an Earning Boost artifact that grants them more rewards.

Hunter Shards are NFTs you can get by opening Hunt Box or buying on marketplaces that upgrade your Hunters.

Equipment and Artifacts

Special item NFTs, equipment and artifacts, are used to summon new Hunters and are burned after use. Artifacts, on the other hand, give Hunters new permanent perks, enhancing their performance in the game.

Hunters On-Chain game tokens

In Hunters On-Chain, two primary tokens fuel the game’s economy: the BOOM token and the BGEM token. Each has a specific purpose and offers distinct advantages to players.

BOOM Token

The BOOM token is a governance token designed to capture the overall value of the Hunters On-Chain ecosystem. As the most valuable resource in the game, holding BOOM tokens grants players access to a range of exclusive benefits, including:

  • Voting rights and access to limited in-game premium events;
  • Exclusive invitations to test new games before their official release;
  • The ability to rent or borrow NFTs and to summon new NFTs;
  • In-app purchases and upgrades.

BGEM Token

The main currency of the BoomLand gaming universe is the BGEM token. BGEM serves as the primary reward for players participating in the game, emphasizing the play-to-earn model that defines blockchain gaming.

You can claim BGEM tokens on Boomlands website

Players can use BGEM tokens to purchase hunt boxes and gain access to special events. The token can be earned simply by playing the game, reinforcing the play-to-earn experience. A reward system is already in place for players on the TestNet, with developers promising to transfer these rewards to the Mainnet in May 2023.

The future of Hunters On-Chain

Hunters On-Chain has shown significant promise and growth since its inception. With a remarkable monthly on-chain usage growth of 15,497% in March 2023, the game has emerged as one of the top performers on the Polygon network.

In the future, Hunters On-Chain aims to continue delivering thrilling gaming experiences while pushing the boundaries of Web3 gaming. The full release of the game on Polygon’s Mainnet is arriving sometime in May 2023, and we can only anticipate its impact.

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