How to Play and Win: Phantom Galaxies

Phantom Galaxies Game Guide_ How to Play & Earn

The space-based adventure for real gamers who want to play and earn

News of Phantom Galaxies hit the headlines since 2021 and we’ve waited patiently since then to play. The game from Blowfish Studios and Animoca Brands is now just around the corner. Early Access launches in November 2023 and footage from the game suggests it will be worth the wait.


Hundreds of thousands of people have joined Phantom Galaxies’ Alpha playtests. And by the looks of things, the game looks almost ready to play. DappRadar’s data does not show all of these users at the moment due to Phantom Galaxies processing their data off-chain.

We have an article explaining why not all user numbers show up in our rankings. In short, we track on-chain data and some decentralized applications process lots of activity off-chain before uploading their data to the blockchain.

What is Phantom Galaxies?

Phantom Galaxies is a game from Blowfish Studios and Animoca Brands that launched in 2021. It’s still awaiting its full release, but select users have been enjoying the playtests. The game is built on the Polygon network, with storylines inspired by space warfare and mecha battles.

The storyline revolves around an uneasy alliance between two previously warring factions: the Union and the Commonwealth. They’ve banded together to fight off lawless pirate guilds and a new enemy called the Sha’Kari.

Players fly Starfighter Mechas that can switch between rocket ships and humanoid robot machines (think Transformers). You can go on missions, complete quests, carry out raids and build communities.

How to get started on Phantom Galaxies

Embarking on your journey in Phantom Galaxies no longer requires a Web3 wallet for the early access version, which launches on 15 November 2023. Available on Steam, Epic Games Store, and the official website, the game has transitioned to a free-to-play model, opening up a universe of mecha battles, alliances, and thrilling quests and raids to a broader audience.

While owning a Web3 wallet and investing in in-game NFTs can enhance your gaming experience, it’s not a prerequisite for participation. Players can pilot their Starfighter Mecha, engage in fast-paced combat against a variety of adversaries, and immerse themselves in this play-to-earn space adventure without any initial investment.

For those with an Origin Series NFT (Poster, Redeemed Poster, or Medal), the Phantom Galaxies Alpha test’s four episodes remain accessible, providing additional content and opportunities. For more information and guidance, refer to the Useful Links section at the article’s conclusion. Don’t miss out on exploring this expansive universe and the unique gaming experience Phantom Galaxies offers.

What makes Phantom Galaxies innovative?

The concept of true ownership is what makes Phantom Galaxies different from traditional games. It’s part of a new generation of gaming platforms that enable users to buy, keep and sell the in-game items. Ownership also opens up Phantom Galaxies to new models of gameplay and player interactions.

Space opera action with AAA gameplay


Phantom Galaxies is built on the Polygon network. This means that every action is recorded and securely saved. It also means that all in-game items, such as weapons, vehicles, coins and clothes, are always a player’s property.

Ownership in Phantom Galaxies goes even further though. By holding the in-game token ASTRAFER, players will be able to vote on proposals for how the entire game is managed. Things like funding allocation, marketing strategies, and even storylines, could all be under the gamers’ control.


Creating communities is a big part of the new generation of games. Together, your crew can own items and Planets and work as a team to take control of your sector.

With over 125,000 active players active in the Alpha versions of Phantom Galaxies, there are  plenty of people to hook up with. By finding the right tribe with similar goals to your own, you can play, win and earn together.


10,200 Planets went up for sale in May, and they all sold out. Planets are where players can make their base and form their guilds. They also emit the in-game token ASTRAFER. 

Planets are coded onto the Polygon network so when you purchase one, you own it. This means you can build on it, rent it out, sell it, or just have it all to yourself.


ASTRAFER is Phantom Galaxies’ in-game token. It is the currency players can use to purchase items. And it’s also the governance token, meaning holders are given voting rights on proposals.

With Phantom Galaxies being a part of the Animoca Brands ecosystem, ASTRAFER is paired in liquidity pools with the following tokens:

Click on the links to check current prices.

How to play and win Phantom Galaxies

To play and win Phantom Galaxies, you need to be a real gamer. This isn’t a simple collection and clicking game where little skill is involved. You need to be an ace pilot and an expert marksman.

Until the game gets it full launch, no one knows what the best strategies are for winning. But we do have a few tips to get you started.

  1. Get your hands on a Planet: These come in different sizes and at different costs. Planets can be your base and generate ASTRAFER.
  2. Make friends: No person is an island and it pays to have a network of associates and comrades to form a formidable team.
  3. Learn to fly and shoot: In Phantom Galaxies you will fly through space as a transforming robot-space ship. Knowing how to pilot your craft and aim at opponents are non-negotiable skills.
  4. Decide what game you want to play: Choose your mech suit, from a choice of Lancer, Buster, Breacher or Assault class. Some are good for shoot-outs while others are designed for stealth. When you know your goals, you can choose the tools to help you reach them.
  5. Research Web3’s capabilities: Phantom Galaxies offers great gameplay. But as a game built on the blockchain, you can also get real-world rewards. 

Earn items and tokens through staking, decentralized governance, trading, swapping and, of course, ownership. When you learn the extent of Phantom Galaxies’ capabilities, you can use the game to its full potential.

When is the full game launching?

Early access to the game launch is scheduled for November 2023, with a full release expected in 2024.

Some players have already carried out small missions during Phantom Galaxies events. These have acted as testplays but also given users a taste of how good the game can be.

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