How to Play and Win: Era7: Game of Truth

how to play and win: Era7: Game of truth
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Era7: Game of Truth is at number 13 this is DappRadar’s Games rankings

Era7: Game of Truth launched in Q1 of 2022 and already has a place among the top tiers of blockchain card trading games. As with all Web3 games, users can earn tokens that are exchangeable for real-life money. There are a number of ways to do this, so it pays to know how to play and win Era7: Game of Truth.


In the past week, more than 32,000 users have connected their wallets to the Era7: Game of Truth dapp. That’s a weekly increase of 11.3%. Players have made more than 203,000 transactions through the game, up 28.73% on last week. And trading volumes are also up.

What is Era7: Game of Truth?

Era7: Game of Truth is a virtual trading card and battling game. Built on the Binance Smart Chain, it launched in March 2022 and consistently features in the top 20 of DappRadar’s Games rankings.

Era7 is developed by TruthGame PTE LTD. The game explicitly takes ‘artistic inspiration’ from other trading card games like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering, so fans of those titles should enjoy this one as well. 

The game also has its own lore. It features seven races on the Continent of Truth who compete to be the King of Truth. Gifted individuals from these races attend Summoner Academy where they acquire the ability to summon cards.

Once they’ve honed these skills, they can travel the Era7 world to create Summonings Pacts with other specially skilled players. These bands of allies fight for power and the right to become the King of Truth. And it’s not only honor that is bestowed on these victors. Rewards also come in the form of tokens. 

Being built on a blockchain, Era7 is not only a trading card game. There is a referral system in place that rewards players for signing up their friends to join. And players can earn tokens through a farming mechanism.

How to play Era7: Game of Truth

Similar to other trading card games, Era7 relies on good strategy. Users need to be intelligent about how they build their deck. And they need to think carefully when deploying their assets during battle.

Era7 is a virtual world that users can travel through in order to do battle. New areas offer different challenges and it’s the goal of the players to conquer all before them. In future, land sales and ownership will become a key feature of Era7.

Land holders will be able to earn tokens from their land’s resources. Holders will also be able to build on their land and charge other players for visiting.

Era7 map

Battles in Era7 last about three minutes each. So the platform is perfect for anyone who wants to play games but can’t commit to anything that’s too time-consuming.

Acquiring Cards

There are two ways to get your hands on Era7 cards. You can either buy them on the open market or Summon them. To buy them on the open market is easy: set yourself up with a Binance-compatible Web3 wallet, go to Era7’s native marketplace and purchase the cards you want.

The other way to acquire trading cards is through Summoning. To do this, you need to: 

  • First purchase an NFT Master Card. Each Master Card has two racial attributes, which determine the traits your in-game Battle Cards will get. Master Cards come from mystery boxes, which players can purchase from the marketplace.
  • Unseal the Master Card. Now you can use it to Summon Battle Cards. The table below shows the probability of getting different Battle Card types, depending on your Master Card. 
  • Players need at least 30 Battle Cards to enter matches against opponents. There are up to 1,000 different Battle Cards to choose from.
How likely will you be to Summon a Legendary Battle Card?


Once you have your Battle Cards, you can start playing Era7 for real. As we’ve already seen, you need 30 cards to engage in combat. From this pre-built 30, the computer randomly draws cards for you to play with.

Once you’ve selected your best deck, you enter the arena, which is made of two 3×3 grids. You strategically place your selected cards on the battlefield. All of the 1,000 available Battle Cards have different attributes. Some are good for attacking while other ones are designed to defend.

The trick to Era7 is removing the random factor from gameplay. If your pre-built deck of 30 cards is consistently strong, you will have a powerful and well-balanced hand when you’re in battle.

Card placement is as important as card selection. Sacrifice weaker cards in defense of your stronger attacking cards. Don’t be afraid to lose cards in the short term to win the overall battle.

Era7 gameplay in action

There are two battle modes: Player versus Environment (PvE) and Player versus Player (PvP).

  • PvE – pass through levels and collect Era7: Game of Truth (GOT) tokens. Deploy your cards to battle foes controlled by the computer. 
  • PvP – you fight against living opponents by visiting the PvP arena. The computer will match you against a real person to fight. There are several game modes: Expert Alliance (daily), Ranked Competitions (monthly), Word Cups (fortnightly). Not only can you win GOT and Era tokens, ranking points are also on offer.

In-game tokens

Era7 has two in-game currencies: Era and GOT.


Era is the in-game currency and acts as the grease that keeps the economy moving. It’s the game’s governance token, marketplace currency, and registration token for PvP battles.

You can win Era tokens by winning PvP battles, through liquidity mining, in-game rewards or airdrops. Alternatively, you can purchase it on both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Era token utility


GOT is only available by claiming victory in battles. Players use it to Summon and Synthesize cards. Synthesizing cards means adding two together to make one single stronger one.

GOT token utility

In-game NFTs

Era7’s primary NFTs are the cards. Whether it’s a Master Card or a Battle Card, these are assets that players use to win battles. They come in levels of power and rarity: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary.

As you’d expect, the rarer the Battle Card, the more powerful it is for combat. The rarer the Master Card, the more Battle Cards a play can Summon with it. And it wouldn’t be a true, dynamic marketplace if the better, rarer cards were not the most expensive. 

Legendary Master Cards can fetch upwards of $1,000 and there aren’t many of them for sale. Legendary Battle Cards are available for anything from $20 to $1,500. The reason for the discrepancy is that some traits are more highly-valued than others. Attacking cards that do serious damage are the most expensive.

As mentioned above, land will soon become in-game NFTs. These will be known as Continents in the game and there will be ‘an endless amount of land upon which’ holders ‘will be able to build and operate their own homes.’

Era7’s roadmap does not offer a date yet for a land sale. So if you want to purchase some in future, you’ll need to follow DappRadar’s blog and Era7’s social media for updates.

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How to earn in Era7: Game of Truth


This is simple: beat opponents and earn money. As we’ve already seen above, you can earn GOT from PvE game modes. And you can earn Era and GOT from PvP game modes.


The Era7 Farm is the platform’s way of incorporating DeFi into its product. To get ERA-BNB LP token, you need to provide liquidity to the ERA-BNB pool on PancakeSwap. You will earn LP tokens in the proportion to the amount you contributed to the entire pool.

For example, if you contributed 1% of all LP tokens, you will receive 1% of the rewards from the pool.


You can trade either tokens or you can trade NFTs. Spot trading Era or GOT could get you some profits. Alternatively, if the value goes down and stays down, you’ll lose money. This is a highly speculative practice and it’s always best to do your research before engaging in it.

Trading in-game card NFTs is slightly safer in terms of guarding against big losses. Getting a Legendary Master Card which you can use to potentially Summon Legendary Battle Cards is a great way to create profits. 

But remember, Era7 NFTs derive their value from two places: one is their in-game strength. More powerful cards help players win matches, which is a good thing in itself. But many players play the game to earn money. So higher Era and GOT prices increase the value of the card.


Referral+ is Era7’s system for rewarding players who bring other players into the game. It is only available to people who have an Era7 account and have connected their wallet to the dapp.

Players get 20 Era tokens for every friend who registers with the game and claims GOT from gameplay. Every time the referred friend claims GOT, the referrer gets a 5% of the claimed GOT tokens.

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