The 5 Hottest Games on BNB Chain You Probably Missed

The 5 Hottest Games on BNB Chain You Probably Missed
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Chain of Legends, BinaryX, and Elfin Kingdom are the fastest growing games on BNB Chain.

Here are the five hottest games on BNB Chain over the last 30 days. From metaverse-style trading card games like Era7 to yield farming NFT games like Elfin Kingdom, BNB Chain is never short on incredible play-to-earn games.


BNB Chain is now the second biggest DeFi chain with a TVL of $7 billion at the writing. It is also worth noting that BNB Chain, along with Polygon, Wax, and Flow, accounts for a significant part of the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

According to DappRadar BGA Report Q2 2022 Edition, the average number of unique daily wallets (UAW) on Binance Smart Chain increased by 2% compared to the previous month, surpassing 85,000. 

To gain an overall view of BNB Chain’s recent performance, you can browse DappRadar’s BNB Chain Report Q2 2022. If you don’t know much about BNB Chain, our ultimate guide to BNB Chain can help you.

Today’s article will guide you to the best experiences you can have in BNB Chain’s gaming world. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the list!

BNB Chain trending gaming dapps

Era7: a metaverse-style TCG

Era7 on BNB Chain GamePlay

Era7: Game of Truth is currently the most played game on BNB Chain, with over 87,000 users participating over the last 30 days. It is an NFT trading-card game inspired by Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering. 

Era7’s cards are divided into battle cards and master cards for summoning. Moreover, these cards represent different races in the game, which can form a strong lineup for players to fight in battles. Furthermore, seven forces, with as many as 1,000 cards, give Era7 an incredible depth of gameplay.

The picture below shows the cards available for sale on Era7’s marketplace. Their great design is a strong testament to how well-made this game is. 

Era7’s play-to-earn mechanics allow players to obtain ecosystem tokens Era through battling, involvement in community incentives, and liquidity mining. Furthermore, players can exchange Era for USDT or local fiat on decentralized and centralized exchanges. 

Chain of Legends: an NFT mining game

Chain of Legends is the fastest growing game on BNB Chain, recording a whopping 689950% user increase over the last 30 days. The game features free-to-play, token mining, and real-time strategy gameplay. 

To start playing Chain of Legends, users need to buy a land plot, build a mine, and then they can begin earning game tokens. It is worth mentioning that users can get a free mine and land to start the game immediately, but they are with much lower mining speed and capacity.

Players can directly sell the tokens in exchanges or use them to advance their gaming progress with the tokens earned. For example, players can use tokens to expand their empire by creating a Stone mine and an Iron mine to generate precious resources. Or, they can build barracks and train troops to explore the world, find dungeons, kill monsters and collect loots. 

Tiny World: a game universe that combines NFT and DeFi

tiny world on BNB chain

Tiny World saw a 51% increase in 30-day users, with over 10,000 players generating 135,000 transactions. The team behind Tiny World endeavors to create a unique experience that combines NFT, DeFi and gaming.  

The team behind Tiny World endeavors to create a unique experience that combines NFT, DeFi and gaming. Players can collect over 100 Tiny Hero NFTs, send them on epic journeys, and fight in battles.

As mentioned before, Tiny world combines NFT gaming and DeFi. In addition, It offers users various ways to earn in Tiny World, including but not limited to the following mechanics. 

  • Yield farming with assets in Tiny Farm.
  • Collecting Tiny NFTs and selling them on the marketplace.
  • Tiny NFT yield farming‌.
  • Staking Token to get benefits via playing and voting.
  • Playing Tiny games to win leaderboard prizes.
  • Trading Items to earn profits in Tiny games.

BinaryX: an online GameFi platform

BinaryX is a crypto game platform on BNB Chain. Currently, the platform is running a game called CyberDragon which we have developed by the BinaryX team from scratch. The gaming platform has witnessed a surge in 30-day user numbers, with 8,000 unique wallets interacting with its smart contracts and a growth of over 160%.

In the game, players can recruit and upgrade their heroes, challenge dungeons, and loot rare items. The final challenge is to defeat the ultimate boss, the Cyber Dragon. The first step of playing CyberDragon is to have a Binance Smart Chain compatible wallet such as MetaMask, and also get enough BNB to pay for gas fees.

Don’t worry if you are a crypto newbie and unfamiliar with these terms. This DappRadar guide can help you learn more about MetaMask, and the video below will teach you how to get your wallet some BNB tokens.  

Elfin Kingdom: a fusion of yield farming, NFT, and e-sports

Elfin Kingdom is an MMORPG Pokémon-inspired metaverse game where anyone can earn tokens through gameplay and farming. The game is currently trending on BNB Chain, registering a 180% user growth within a month.

In Elfin Kingdom, players can choose roles and start the adventure with their cute Elfin NFTs. Apart from being cute and fluffy, these little Elfins are crucial in-game assets for players to ace the game. Users can capture and upgrade them or use them to participate and win the World Championship of Elfin Kingdom.

Moreover, Elfin Kingdom boasts a dynamic play-to-earn ecosystem that allows players to reap the rewards in various ways. The following are just some examples to play and win.

  • Competing in PVP battles.
  • Completing daily quests.
  • Summoning Higher level Elfins and selling them on the marketplace.
  • Selling Harvest and selling Land.
  • Staking ELFIN Tokens.

Keep up with BNB Chain’s vibrant ecosystem

It is impressive that BNB Chain has maintained its player base amid the crypto bear market. Evidently, BNB Chain has established a solid position in the gaming industry. But, most importantly, it also proves that the market demand for blockchain gaming is rigid, and users crave high-quality products.

BNB Chain users can utilize DappRadar BNB Chain Portfolio Tracker to gain insights into their crypto assets anytime and anywhere. Whether you are a crypto newbie, blockchain enthusiast, or industry leader, these tools and reports by DappRadar can help you comprehensively understand BNB Chain. 

DappRadar will continue to monitor and report on BNB Chain and its ecosystem as they evolve. Follow us on Twitter, Discord, and Youtube to keep up with the dynamic blockchain world. 

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