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The classic 8-bit dungeon crawler meets innovative Web3 technology with this latest release

Bit Heroes Quest is a pixelated dungeon crawler where players can use different NFT characters known as Heroes to enhance their gaming experience. The game is one of the many titles in the Bitverse – a collection of games of different genres – brought to you by the renowned gaming company Kongregate. 

Kongregate launched the Bitverse to invite all game lovers to explore a unique gamified world powered by the latest Web3 innovation. Last December, the 2nd generation of Bitverse heroes was launched, which at the moment are only available at

It’s worth mentioning that players can still acquire previous generations of Bitverse heroes. GEN 1 are currently available only at For GEN 0 portals and heroes, you can find them in the external marketplaces listed below.

In the Bitverse, players can enjoy a wide variety of games, each featuring unique pixel-style 8-bit graphics, retro soundtracks, and mesmerizing gameplay. With the most recent release, the Bitverse allows players to use their unique 1-of-1 NFT Heroes to take their experience to the next level. 

Our previous articles introduced Bit Heroes Arena Open Beta and Bit Heroes Runner. Now, it is time to find out how to master Bit Heroes Quest! 

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What is Bit Heroes Quest?

Dungeon crawlers are usually full of looting, attacking, and exploring deep worlds. So if you are looking for something with such classic elements, then Bit Heroes Quests is the game you need to try.

Quest allows players to venture, loot, and battle their way through a vast open pixelated world inspired by historical fantasy heroes and monsters.

Within the depths of these environments, players engage in old-school, turn-based combat where creatures can spring out of nowhere to wipe out anyone that gets in their way. Only a true Hero will be able to overcome the challenge!

Even though Bit Heroes Quest’s gameplay centers around campaigns (quests), the game has several interesting twists in the dungeon crawler genre. Players can team up with other online participants to raid bosses and collect their legendary gear, or form guilds to compete for exclusive rewards. Or, they can fight it out in a PvP Arena to be the last Hero standing. Heroes can earn mounts, special pets that help them in their fights, and tons of gear and gems to help improve their character.

Owning a Bitverse Hero is the key to success

Every player can customize their character when they join the game, but now, the Bitverse introduces playable NFT heroes alongside the F2P characters. Bitverse heroes (NFT) come with unique art traits and grant both in-game and out-of-game perks depending on their rarity. You can also use your Hero across all the games within the Bitverse! Progress is tracked on the NFT, which transfers with you from game to game.

While playing with a Bitverse Hero, character progress, items gained, and adventuring prowess will be Hero-bound, and stay with the NFT, regardless of their owner. Therefore, you can significantly speed up your progress by taking your already well-armed and battle-hardened Bitverse Heroes to the new games in the Bitverse.

And it gets even more appealing! Players adventuring in Bit Heroes Quest with a Bitverse Hero can access additional in-game content, ranging from exclusive Bitverse Hero tournaments to Bitverse-spanning daily missions. More actions, more fun, more rewards!

It is worth noting that the benefit a user can enjoy depends on the Hero’s rarity, which ranges between Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic. For example, only Epic, Legendary, and Mythic Heroes can have exclusive NFT pets, while bonus staking rewards only apply to those 

Legendary and Mythic ones.

Embark on a glorious adventure with Bitverse!

The Bitverse is a fully-funded project, so it doesn’t rely on sales to keep its in-game ecosystem healthy and sustainable. This is great news for players because it means the team can entirely focus on delivering a high-quality experience rather than leading users to spend more money.

Now, you still have the opportunity to get in-game Hero NFTs to enhance your gaming experience, as they offer plenty of utilities. Bitverse Heroes (NFTs) Generation 1 are available at, but they come in limited supply. For more information, visit their blog.

Get ready to dive deeper into the world and equip yourself with the best props to unveil the secrets that the Bitverse has for you! Join the official Twitter and Discord to be the first to experience the fun.

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