Get Ready for Retro Gaming with the Bit Heroes Arena Open Beta

Players will soon be able to experience Bit Heroes Arena and Bit Heroes Runner in The Bitverse.

The Bit Heroes Arena Open Beta will launch on November 16, and Bit Heroes Runner is just around the corner. These two games are part of the Bitverse, a gaming platform built by Kongregate –  a veteran gaming company with over 15 years of experience. The platform aims to onboard more Web2 gaming users into Web3.  Read this article and get ready for these exciting games! 

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The Bitverse brings retro games to the gaming community

For experienced gaming enthusiasts, retro games will always hold a place in our hearts.

The Bitverse brings in the retro visuals from the 80s arcade, which evokes memories for veteran gamers. Unlike many other crypto games full of boring gameplay, games in the Bitverse have enough challenges and actions to keep things interesting.

Furthermore, each playable character, dubbed Bitverse Hero, offers an experience that is totally unique.

The Bitverse games we’ll introduce in this article are Bit Heroes Runner and Bit Heroes Arena, the latter of which will start its open beta on November 16. 

Without further ado, let’s recruit some Heroes, hit the keyboard, and crush some stats!

What is Bit Heroes Arena

Bit Heroes Arena is a 2D multiplayer, fantasy-themed battle royale RPG in the Bitverse. Users face up to 40 other players in a fast-paced fight to the finish, clashing their swords and casting magical spells to be the last Hero standing.

With RPG elements as an essential part of the game, Bit Heroes Arena is much more rewarding. The level-based RPG progression allows players to upgrade their gear, loot epic weapons, improve stats, and ultimately climb to the top of the rankings.

In Bit Heroes Arena, the combat is tight and addictive. A variety of attacks and weapons will allow players to find fantastic strike combos amidst intense battles. 

What is Bit Heroes Runner

Bit Heroes Runner is an adventure-driven endless runner. It allows players to traverse through jungles and dungeons, while avoiding obstacles, beating enemies, and hiding from the dragon‘s flame. 

Notably, the Adventure mode adds to the playability of this runner game. Each new Adventure will be available for a limited time and features different enemies, hazards, gear, and environments. In addition, players can compete against the community in daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards where they can earn rewards.

Bitverse Heroes

Bitverse Heroes are unique characters that exist on the blockchain and can be bought, sold, and traded on the marketplace. These NFT characters are customizable and have unique traits, and players can take them into all the games of the Bitverse. While playing with a Bitverse Hero, their progress, items gained, and running reputation will be stored on the NFT.

Players can log in to Bit Heroes Runner and Bit Heroes Arena with either a standard hero or any of the unique 1-of-1 Bitverse Hero NFTs they own. However, only those with an NFT Bitverse Hero can access exclusive perks. 

Hero NFTs also boost players’ daily rewards in all the Bitverse games, not to mention the ability to earn in-game tokens during play. If that is not exciting enough, Hero NFTs have even more to offer. Because owners of these avatars will have access to an exclusive NFT pet airdrop. 

How to get Heroes

The Bitverse is a decentralized gaming platform on Immutable X. As a result, users need to connect their wallet to Immutable X to purchase or view Bitverse Heroes as their assets. Users with Hero NFTs already in their wallet can see them in “My Assets” on The Bitverse platform.

To put a Hero in action in the Bitverse games, the owner needs to stake the Hero. This will enable players to use their unique avatar in the game and store information and progress.

Once users stake a Hero, it essentially moves the NFT from their wallet to a centralized location for reading. This means that the NFT is only playable in the game and cannot be traded or sold on the Marketplace.

2023 has more to look forward to in the Bitverse

The Bitverse is a fully-funded project, meaning it doesn’t solely rely on sales to support its operation. This allows the project to focus on improving game quality rather than leading users to spend more money. They have some time to build their product and grow their audience. 

Bit Heroes Arena will kick off its Open Beta on November 16, with the launch of Bit Heroes Runner just around the corner. Leveraging its 15+ years of experience in gaming, Kongregate will bring more high-quality games to users.

Join the official Twitter and Discord to be the first to experience the fun.

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