How to Explore 10,000 NFT Worlds & Earn WRLD

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Play to earn in the metaverse, powered by Minecraft

Meet NFT Worlds, a virtual world powered by Minecraft, NFTs and its own WRLD token. The expansion of the metaverse is unstoppable – increasing at an unprecedented rate. NFT Worlds has seen unprecedented growth. The Minecraft-powered virtual world perfectly demonstrates why players are so drawn to the metaverse and earn-to-play games.

A collection of 10,000 unique worlds, NFT Worlds is a massive, fully decentralized multiplayer metaverse game that allows players to own and create countless experiences. Each NFT world is a one-of-a-kind, explorable, and limitless virtual space. The platform is still in development, but some of its features and beta NFT Worlds are already available for exploring.

Three different ways to play NFT Worlds

There are 46 possible world environments, each featuring its own special characteristics. The worlds can have soil rich with gems or oil, or can be completely barren. You can see your world’s material composition in specialized breakdowns. Some features are more special than others, and worlds hold these in varying types (e.g. mine shafts, jungle ruins, towns, etc.) and quantities.

You can explore worlds in three main ways:

1. NFT Worlds in your browser

If you choose to do so through the NFT Worlds Explorer dapp, the only thing you can do for now is view the world. Exploring takes place directly from your browser (both desktop and mobile) and is very easy to do. You only need to look up a world number and enter it into your web browser as “” and you’re good to go. 

To move around, use the on-screen controls on mobile or the usual desktop keyboard controls that most games deploy (W, A, S, D, spacebar, shift, clicking and dragging). Opening a world can also be done via the OpenSea Quick Explore.

2. NFT Worlds in Minecraft Java Edition

Building and editing the worlds is possible through the Minecraft Java Edition 1.17 Launcher, in addition to support for custom avatars and graphics. To begin, you’ll first need to purchase, download, and install Minecraft (if you don’t already have it). Then, you’ll be able to create a world in Minecraft. 

To enter your world, you’ll need to get your world’s NFT seed, which is acquired through the NFT Worlds World Manager dapp. Then, you can start Minecraft and play in two different modes – survival and creative.

3. The NFT Worlds launcher

The third and final option is the NFT Worlds Launcher, which is not available yet at the time of writing. The custom launcher will support the features from the previous two options, as well as viewing custom NFT world traits, and blockchain and smart contract interactions. Its goal is also to simplify the gameplay considerably in several key areas. 

It would remove the need to manually import seeds, introduce pre-installed custom graphics, and make the multiplayer an out-of-the-box ready feature – just to name a few of the plans. The Launcher will allow users to join any public world, see the latest updates, manage their WRLD wallets, and get automatic updates to the game client.

Acquiring an NFT World is possible in two ways. One option is to buy it on the secondary market such as OpenSea from another person. An alternative, that will be released later in 2022, is a rental system. Here, users will be able to put the ownership of their NFT worlds up for long-term usage in exchange for a set amount of WRLD tokens each month. This brings us to…

How to earn WRLD

NFT Worlds made headlines when its native WRLD token went live and pumped 233% in value in just in January 2022. Its exceptional results resumed after a short period of calm, reaching a striking 298.2% increase in price for the 30 days prior to writing this article. The token’s price at the time of writing was close to $0.45.

WRLD is an in-game currency deployed both on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. Players can use it to access exclusive items, experiences, perks, and other content on the NFT Worlds platform. NFT Worlds will allow users to transact and send WRLD without spending gas fees, using the Polygon blockchain. 

The WRLD token can be earned by playing games and doing other things in public NFT worlds through the reward systems created by the worlds’ owners. Rewardable interactions include:

  • role-playing games that reward players for accomplishing quests
  • learning things or acquiring skills in the educational worlds
  • battle royale games
  • team vs. team matches
  • free-for-all games
  • creative distribution on popular Minecraft game modes, such as Factions, Prison, or Skyblocks
  • any other games or experiences that allow players to use their skill, knowledge, and accomplishments

Users will also be able to earn WRLD through participating in community events, staking their NFT World NFTs, renting to others, and more. Exchange MATIC for WRLD here, or use the token swap on Ethereum.

Joining the Play to Earn Test Server

Earning mechanics have not been fully implemented into NFT Worlds just yet. But the team already has a test server live that allows 500 players at the same time to play and earn WRLD. 

  • You need Minecraft Java Edition 1.17 installed
  • Join >
  • In-game, connect your wallet by typing the following command:
  • Reward tokens drop every 72 hours on the Polygon network

The test server is a standard Survival Multiplayer Gameplay server. Within the castle you’re safe and you can’t build. However, the further you stray away from the center the more building options you get and the more dangerous the world becomes.

Towards better NFT worlds

For now, NFT Worlds seems to be ticking its roadmap boxes quite diligently, including in terms of the recent introductions – cross-platform playability, open-source multiplayer server, and in-game transactions. 

Other features expected soon include the introduction of the blockchain and web API interaction layer, proximity voice chat, world owner-created play-to-earn systems, and playable 3D NFT character partnerships. A new roadmap is expected afterward.

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